Earn money online to search, shopping and to complete offers

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Online money making is the coolest thing you can do from home and why not convert your daily internet activities into cash? There are lots of websites and services out there which pays for your efforts online and you don’t need a website/ blog to earn money online.

Get paid to search with Scour

Scour is a cool website that pays you to search the internet using their search engine. It’s a combination of google, yahoo and bing search engine and it’s what you do everyday, why not get paid to search? They will give you points to search, vote and contribute; you can then exchange the points for $25, $50 or $100 Visa gift cards. I had wrote a post about scour before and today I found this post about getting paid from scour which made me inspire to buzz it again.

See Tori getting her scour gift card,

Scour.com NOT A SCAM - Proof of Payment

Get paid to search and telling your friends from SwagBucks

SwagBucks is a website A NETWORK that allows you to search, shop, completing offers or referring your friends for money. Use this service to search sing google and ask. The more you search, you will get points each month which you can redeem for gift cards, shopping cards and stuffs.

Earn money online with swagbucks

SwagBucks gives you points for each search and you can collect those points for amazon gift cards and even paypal cash cards. There are 200+ vendors to shop from SwagBucks.

Paid to survey, deals, paid to click (PTC) with MyPoints

earn money, rebates and deals with mypoints

MyPoints is a cool network where you can search for cool deals, offers, coupons to buy goodies and get points. You get surveys and can earn free points. You can redeem cool gift cards from iTunes, Amazon and many more marchants available. This is huge site for shopping online and get rebates.

18 thoughts on “Earn money online to search, shopping and to complete offers”

  1. Scour is kind of fake. I don’t know where you got the picture from. It seems like it’s just a model. Years ago, while I was assigned to write a review on services like scour, I researched and found quite more than a thousand of real user comments complaining against scour. It usually bans people before even reaching the payment threshold. I guess you should’ve searched out there for some info about the truthfulness of it before publishing a post including it.

    1. Yeah I doubt the legitimacy of that photo. The girl looks fake enough as it is. She’s your typical half plastic, model wannabe. They could’ve at least used a photo of someone who looks like they would actually use the service. It is a cool concept if they ran it fairly though.

  2. @ Sajib
    I know Tamal is enough wise about make money online. I think its a Pid to review post.Here Tamal ignored the reality of the sites that he featured on this post.

  3. Patrick Sia @ work at home jobs

    Thanks for your sharing. We should NEVER pay anyone to get a WORK AT HOME ONLINE job . A legitimate job should pay you for what you are worth – in terms of your experience and contribution – instead of expecting you to pay upfront for the career opportunity.

  4. Actually, the photo is of me, Tori. It is not a fake photo and my site is – I have over 300 proof of payment screenshots and over 1,000 articles.

    With that being said, if you’re going to use my images, you should probably ask me or at least link to my website or article containing the image.

    Good luck with your money making ventures! Hopefully we will get to see your proof of payments soon!

    Tori Thompson

    1. SEE! I told you she is not FAKE! Hey Tori, thanks for the comment.. I was unable to find your site so I linked to the forum thread at Gather.

      The main thing to learn here is, that you never know if a site or service is FAKE or LEGIT, before you try it. You must trust on that site before you can be able to earn something.. When I started off online, I didn’t knew if it’s possible to make money online, my patience and hard work paid off; but if I doubted before starting, I’d still investigating sites if they are FAKE or LEGIT!

  5. greatstufflowprice

    I personally am always skeptical of such money making opportunities because I have tried a whole bunch and ran into the same situation Sajib describes with being cutoff before getting payment.

    Pierre and Elena

  6. Cheap Abercrombie Fitch

    I think its a Pid to review post.Here Tamal ignored the reality of the sites that he featured on this post.

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