domain name extensionsYou all are familiar with the term “Domain” right? Take a closer look.. it’s something that you know very well, it’s the foundation of any website, the Dot Com. You have already read the important aspects on choosing a domain and why a pro blogger must own his domain.. but it’s different. In domain flipping, people buy domains and keep it as long as they can be able to sell it in the future. If fact it’s one of the popular online money making business of now days because it requires less investment and knowledge.

Domain flipping basics – What is domain flipping?

Don’t mistake domain flipping with domain reseller business. Domain reseller sells regular(fresh) domains to their customers. A domain flipper/ domainer is a person who buys a domain and keeps that until the value of that domain increases to his target need.

It’s similar to house flipping where someone buys a property, and then he builds a great house and sells it in a higher price. At the same way, domain flipping works. You have to buy a new or old domain, then have to make it more valuable with your effort and then you have to sell it.

Registering a domain name is as low as $10. But with your efforts, you can sell that domain in $100’s $1,000’s or even more! Because domains are unique in the internet and people love to have a better name for their business, this is why domains are better investments and way more profitable than real estate. I call it the online real estate.

Why people are interested in buying older domains?

The number one reason to buy an old domain is the fact that it has an age value which is an important factor in search rankings. One year old domain is much more valuable than a new domain, the more the better. Plus older domains already have backlink values and all of those backlinks are already from ranked sites.

Instead of buying a new domain and start from scratch, business people like to speed up the process and buy an established domain name for their business. A business can’t have years of reputation from the beginning, but it’s possible in online marketing to buy a domain which was there for years.

Who can flip a domain & how much can be made?

domain names are real gold!The possibilities are endless because new companies are starting online and they need a domain name for their business. One domain can be a big deal for an ideal buyer and you can cash out hundreds or even thousands over time. This is really cool because you can make real money selling domains. You may not see the profit instantly, but there’s a chance as longer as you keep that name under your possession. If you have the funds for buying domains; the knowledge to determine valuable niches and whole lot of patience, then you can join the wagon!

Great and profitable domains are taken, isn’t it?

Yeah it’s true and almost all of the dictionary .com domains are taken away but new extensions are added regularly. You may not get but it’s possible to have New extensions such as .me will be popular in the upcoming years and you can sell your .me domain when it will become HOT! Another fact that most people don’t know about domains, the taken domains that are not continued.. gets deleted and it becomes available once again to register.

Stay tuned!

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