Website domain age is a factor for good SEO benefits. If you want to get free traffic from google, then you have to pay close attention to this factor. We all know SEO gives traffic and that allows us to earn money online. How about getting 100+ new visitors everyday from google who are interested in your content and wants to read more? That sounds too cool so you have to buy your own domain and keep it for longer.

Most people don’t like to spend money on domain or at least if they buy a domain for blog, they don’t keep it for more than 1 year. Domains are as low as $10/year and you should invest on it.. even if you don’t feel creative about continuing your site; put your site on a free host or use a blogspot blog.

Another interesting aspect that google is looking forward is how long these domains are going to stay. I mean search engines are checking when this domain will expire. It a wise policy because domains are cheap and people are buying hundreds of them to make their main site rank higher in search engine positions. For good SEO benefits you should make your domain older + make sure you have registered more years to it.. See BlogKori’s domain stats,

domain age for blogkori

Not just the domain is 1 year old, I added 1 more year till it expires, so now it’ll expire after 1 year and 8 months, real good SEO optimization. Now google will know that this is not a temporary site and will be online for a longer. What do you think?