I Went to DevsTeam Winning Celebration [Photos]

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Lately the boys from the other side of town over at DevsTeam invited me. They won the SEO competition from freelancer.com, and it was a time for celebration. I was invited by Al-Amin Kabir, CEO of the Devs for the evening feast.

Delicious fried rice

I was excited to attend another industry meetup like the odesk meetup this year see the photos here.

Anyways cutting the chat, I let you see the pictures first with my usual commentary

PS: Some of the pictures below are copyright of DevsTeam

So the event was at China Kitchen Chinese restaurant near Hatirpul kacha bazar.

Event was at 6PM in the evening. As usual I was at the spot just 1 minute before 6PM. After entering the place I was greeted by the original 5 founders of the company:

From left, we have the CEO of DevsTeam Al-Amin Kabir. Then we have the web designer & CTO Eunus Hosen in violet shirt. In the middle sitting on the stair in orange tee-shirt is Taher Sumon the CMO. On further right top is the company CFO Masudur Rashid. And last we have in green shirt Shamim Nasir, the CCO of DevsTeam.

The devsteam original five

These guys have created DevsTeam less than few months ago (May 2012) -an internet marketing training institute in Dhaka. So far within this short time they have won an international SEO competition from Freelancer.com.

Anyways I was greeted by Al-Amin and others. I had a brief chat with Masud, he was asking me about what is new I am doing, ohh man! This happens a lot to me. He was admiring me about the video blogs I have created on blogging.

Shamim whom I met in person from the first time said that I looked very good. (By the way I didn’t had good sleep for the last two days) He also asked me what happened to my long hair? He meant by this, Tamal Anwar the long hair dude (see those pictures from 2011):

long hair Tamal _Anwar

I said to him that it’s now my new look to blend in with the professional attire.

I had to check in to their reception where I was greeted by their beautiful receptionist with flowers,

reception girl of devsteam

Well I didn’t like the way she looked like. She was filled with makeup and all sort of accessories. Take a closer look,

DevsTeam girl Sonya

If you don’t see the difference take look at this picture where she looks kinda normal:

Sonya from DevsTeam

You get my point. Simple is beautiful and not just beautiful, is professional.

Anyways back to the main bit, I took a seat and started to enjoy the evening. I met with my blogging buddy Delwar Jahan (Rony), the blogger next door at BlogRon. He and I talked a lot about blogging and google.

delwar-jahan and tamal_anwar

The program started and some of the tech heads were invited as the chief guest,

Devsteam guest of honors

Al-Amin Kabir giving a speech

One by one many people shared praise and well wishes to the team. I was just chattering and talking about a lot of things related to tech with Ron,

tamal over at DevsTeam with Delwar

People brought flowers and gifts for the team,

Flowers and gifts for Devsteam

The main interesting bit and the attraction of the evening was the food. First to come was these dry nuggets & soup,

Dry nuggets

I realized that these had a “meat” part inside. Good thing I took plenty of them on my plate,

nuggets and soup


Followed by the main course,



Delicious fried rice

I love the rice but I cant eat roasted chicken. They just put so much spices. Ron loved them, I even gave mine to him too,

How happy Delwar Jahan Rony is with that chicken!

Luckily there was beef too!

Juicy spicy beef

Now I am happy!

tamal-anwar with food over at devsteam

That’s me with food. To me, what you think?

At the end of the day, it was a fine evening.

tamal-anwar-chowdhury with delwar-jahan

That’s Delwar Jahan & Tamal Anwar Chowdhury in this unforgettable event.

So what things I brought home from that event?

Lots of love, joy and positive energy! (and a handful of chocolates)

I was delighted by the original 5 founders of the team. I met a lot of new faces who know about me and my blog. I had long conversation with Rony about blogging and the future of blogging in our country. He had so many great ideas that I took from him.

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