working groupsSo this is the last post of the 7 day English blogging challenge. And the news is I failed to write 7 posts in 7 days. As a result if you check the dates, I missed my schedule. It’s not an easy job to blog everyday for sure.

But the good news is, blogging can be done even outside of your blog. You can build your community outside of your blog site. Here let me share a few tips on how you can do that:

Build a Facebook Page

Facebook pages are all in the news. You can create a page for virtually anything and everything. Start a facebook page for the topic you are blogging, or about your blog. Then start sharing updates about that topic.

Facebook allows you to spread the page easily to your target audiences. Since this page is part of facebook, the facebook has no problem display it to ideal users.

Grow a Facebook Group

Groups are different compared to pages. They are like the new forums. You can create a group on a specific topic and then let the users participate in it. Unlike facebook pages, you can set the privacy of the group as closed or secret.

However facebook groups can easily go out of hands because of some ignorant members or link spammers. That’s why you have to have some loyal admins who will filter your group from time to time.

Start a YouTube Channel

Create video content and put them on YouTube. You will gain lots of new subscribers who will then become your blog reader. YouTube is huge so you must create a channel for your blog or your brand.

Have Your Say

In 2016, building a community is not only limited to blogging. What are some of the ways YOU are using to build a community? Let me know in the comments below.