apple-1281744_640When you start writing a blog you will gain readers every day. In today’s busy world, it’s hard for someone to stay up to date with a blog. You have to take measures so that your readers will be able to receive your new blog updates.

Some of these measures are manual and some are automated. Here in this article, I will share the various subscription options for your blog.

A Memorable Brand Name

Treat your blog as a brand. Have a memorable brand name for your blog. For example my blog BlogKori is short and easy to remember. It has a meaning in Bangla language (I am blogging.) That’s why I was able to market it to the Bangladeshi audience easily.

Such examples of memorable blogging brands are: ProBlogger, ThinkTraffic, SmartPassiveIncome, ReadWriteWeb, TechCrunch etc. Not just these blogs are easy to remember, they also tell the audience what this blog is all about.

So when starting your blog, make sure you pick a name which is memorable and easier to brand to your audience. This way your readers can quickly come to your website whenever they want.

RSS Feed Subscription

RSS was a huge thing back in those days. Today some people still use RSS(Really Simple Syndication) feeds. Use Feedburner’s free feed creation tool to setup a blog feed. Then put a feed button on your website sidebar.

Feedburner also comes with a email subscription option. You can create a free email subscription form and allow your readers to subscribe via email. So when you post a new article, they will receive it in their email inbox.

3rd Party Email Newsletter

You can sign up for an email newsletter service and build a form for your blog. Put this form on your blog sidebar and collect email leads. You can send a newsletter with your recent blog post, you can also send them a custom email message. I recommend MailChimp (free), Sendy (self hosted) and GetResponse (paid) email software.

Social Media Following

You can use a social media profile to use as a subscription method. In facebook, create a page for your blog and share the latest blog posts over there. Put a facebook page plugin in your blog sidebar and your readers will be able to LIKE your page to stay tuned about your new posts.

If your readers are in Twitter, you can create a twitter account for your blog and tweet the blog posts over there. Just like facebook, twitter has a feed widget and a follow button which you can put on your blog sidebar.

Give Them Instructions

A cool way to make them keep coming is to let them know your blogging frequency and schedule. For example I am writing on this blog daily (for this challenge) and posting these updates by 6-7PM Bangladesh time. So you know when I am posting on my blog.

Ask your readers to bookmark your blog for future reference. Let them know you are going to post on your blog about these topics on a regular basis so they should check back often.


Your blog readers are the most valuable asset of your blog. They are busy so give them solutions to get updates. Let me know what are the ways you using as a blog subscription model. Please leave a comment.