Photo credit BDnews24
Photo credit BDnews24

Hey all, Shuvo Noboborsh 1423 (Happy Bangla New Year.) I hope you are having a fun time. Today is day 5 of the 7 day challenge and I am blogging this.

Now when you are blogging, should you cover about recent trends and hot news topics?

When I first started blogging, I was informed that you should write timeless blog posts. Timeless means a topic which can be read throughout years. I found that when you are in a tech related niche, this rule does not applies. Things change so fast, that a post written just 1 year ago doesn’t applies today.

Blogging is About Sharing Opinions Right?

You can share your opinion about a recent event, a movie or a new game. You have the right to share what you have in mind. When you write about that trending topic, some of the people searching about it will find out your blog. So yes you should blog and share your opinion about a recent topic.

News Jacking

News jacking means writing about that hot news topic instantly. In these types of blog posts you are sharing less value and just quoting info for that original news source. I see lots of blogs do this, they share movie trailers, photos, some features of a latest unveiled smartphones etc.

You will get a lot of traffic at a short time if you follow this route. However when these posts get old, they will offer no re-reading value to your blog readers.

Which Approach Should You Take?

You should always add genuine value to a post even if it is about a trending topic. This way your readers will appreciate your opinion and come back for more. Your future readers may find the old post interesting and historical. Remember that you blog is not a news site, it’s a collection of articles written with a unique voice.

Pahela Baishakh, Bangla New Year

Since today is Bangla new year, I must write a few words about it. There is nothing new to say about Bangla new year. You can find every detail about this annual festival here. This year I am in Habiganj and will observe how people here celebrate this festival.

Are you reading this post on Pahela Baishakh? Do you blog about trending topics? Let me know your unique perspective in the comments below: