money for bloggingWow it’s the middle of this 7 day blogging challenge and I am posting continuously. That’s a new personal record in a long time.

Honestly I didn’t thought I would be able to keep this challenge going myself. Good thing is there are 4 other known people in my circle who are active in this challenge, Yea!

Okay let’s start today’s topic, monetization options for your blog. Or in simple terms, how to make money with your blog in 2016?

Selling Banner Ads in Your Blog

You can make money by putting parts of your blog for rent. Give it for various banners. Sometimes these advertisers will contact you directly to put a banner. You can easily start making 20-50 dollars every money by selling banner space. BuySellAds is a premium network where you can list your blog and get advertisers. However they are too premium and doesn’t accept all the blogs.

Google Adsense

Adsense is the classic example of making money from a blog on autopilot. You just put the ad box on your blog and google will show relevant ads in your blog. You get paid for clicks. To make money with this route you need more targeted quality visitors. If you get visitors coming from USA, UK in a specialty market, you will earn more money per click. I am making money with Adsense in my other blog.

Affiliate Product Reviews and Recommendations

I often recommend various products and services that I use on my blog. When my readers make a purchase, I make a % commission from the sales. This is called affiliate marketing.  This way I can naturally recommend products that my readers may find useful and still make money. You can become an affiliate of any product online. You can even be an affiliate of Amazon and recommend physical products.

Paid Reviews

In my early days of blogging, I used to do a lot of paid reviews. A paid review is simply reviewing a product or service on your blog post. You get paid to write that review. I earned anywhere from $10-$200 per paid review. Till this date I get contacted for paid reviews and write them to make money. The cool thing about paid review, you can mask it as a regular post and your readers may don’t even notice it’s a paid post.

Services & Consultation

Do you offer any services that your blog readers may find helpful? Offer that as a service to your readers. I offer web design and marketing services to my blog readers. My blog has helped me to kick start my freelance career and make money off it. I get a lot of inquiries from my blog about my services.

Conferences and Speaking Gigs

Bloggers in the US, UK and other countries are always called up to speak in various blogging conferences. They get paid to speak at events. Here in Bangladesh we still don’t have blogging events that pay the speaker to speak at it. Who knows, maybe in the future we will have such blogging events.

Have Your Say

Are you making money from your blog? If yes, then how? If not, do you want to make money from it? Leave your response in the comment section.