blog templateI know, starting a new blog is an exciting thing. You want to pick the best looking theme for your blog, want to start off with the right setting.

But trust me, it’s not the theme you should be worrying about, it’s something else.

It’s the blog posts you should focus on in the beginning and your audience.

But since this post is about picking a template, I will share a few points with you, so you can pretty up your blog.

Let’s begin.

In The Early Stages of Your Blog

Let’s say you just started your blog. In this case pick any of the free themes you can find in theme galleries. Just pick a template from blogger or wordpress theme directories and you will be fine.

Pick a color which you think goes well with your blog’s branding. Have you noticed I picked the blue color for my blogkori blog? There is a reasoning behind this. Blue is the color for authority and integrity. Just like blue, every other color stands for something. Pick a color which you think suits well for your topic.

Color emotion guide. Click this image to see the high res version.

Other than the color, the next big thing you should focus on is the typography of that theme. Typography is how good the text looks and feels in relation with the site’s overall design. With good typography, your blog articles will stand out, they will be much more readable.

Head over to and check out the typography of this site. See how clean and easy to read these posts are? Pick a theme which makes your text the spotlight of your website. After all, the meat of your blog is your text articles.

If you like the design of my blog, you can download the BlogKori theme for free here.

In The Later Stages of Your Blog

Let’s say you are blogging well. You have wrote a number of cool blog posts, have a thriving fanbase and have some money to invest in your blog’s design. Let me share some of my favorite blog based themes:

Thesis: I am using the thesis theme for a long time for my blog. Thesis is cool, has great typography and the makers of this theme claims it is SEO friendly. I like the flexibility that this theme offers. I can adjust the width of the columns, have 1 sidebar, 2 sidebars or have no sidebars at all.

Genesis: Genesis is one step ahead of Thesis. It is sleek, has great typography and it also implements some advanced SEO features. However I find Genesis to be a bit complicated to customize.

Divi: This is another theme I am using lately. It has awesome theme builder. You can make a full blown website with Divi. it will make your blog look like more than a blog site.

Have Your Say

Which theme you are using for your blog and why did you choose it? Leave your blog link in the comment and I’ll have a look. Until then, have a great day!