When I first decided to try out the web for profit, some of my friends said about their friend’s brother who’s doing really well online. All they did was putting together a site with useful website links and the adsense cash started to flow. Later I learned a lot more things about the web 2.0 and how websites make traffic and money. Now I know that putting some links to content won’t help you to build a big time website/ blog.

Create a piece of web that really matters to your visitors blogkori

Create a website, where you produce the content

Some people also start a website with shared contents like YouTube videos. Why people would come to you if the video is available in YouTube? Instead of sharing, create your own content like videos, audio and text posts.

Give solutions, not links

I see a lot of website putting links to another website. A web surfer doesn’t like a link list but they like the solution. When asking a link from another site, the site would love to link to the original site instead of your link list. When people come to your site through the search, they would love to read it here without clicking to another page.

Solutions that worked!

Create website content about something that really worked for you. For an example, I wrote two different articles in my blog,

7 Ways how to get more comments on your blog post
I tripled my comments count and how you can do it too?

Both of the articles are almost same but one article is about tips and the other one is about real & proven results. People love to read that really worked and want to see the results.

A blend of contents

A website isn’t perfect and it won’t be. A mix of shared content, links to useful articles and the majority of your own content can help you build an attractive website. What do you think?