How To Convince & Train Your Family About Your Home Based Work

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To my blog readers from the west, for your information it’s a common thing here in Asia to live with your parents. If you are living all by yourself then you can pursue a career but here in India or Bangladesh, you have to go by with your family.

So if you are in Asia living with your parents and want to take a profession where you have to work from home, then you must convince them first.

Even if you are not living with your parents, still if you have a family like your spouse or kids then it’s a great idea to train them about your stay at home business.

Having your loved ones by your side can do wonders for your work.

Do you know the reason how I was able to build a successful online career? It is because of my family. My family gave me full support for my online based work.

In this blog post I am going to give you some advice which I found useful by convincing and training my own family.

Changing The Norm

People go outside when they need to work. They come back at home when they want to chill. If you go back to the prehistoric times, you will see that hunters would leave their caves to hunt and then bring back food.

Then people started agriculture. Again they went out to work and got back home with food.

After that people started working on jobs at office. Yet again they went out for work and came back to home to rest.

Simply put, home is not for work.

You have to go out for work, and come back to home for rest. That’s what the society AKA common people believes.

You cannot possibly change this mindset easily.

For a start you just have to convince your own family.

In modern times people can make a living and create a big impact to the society by working at home.

Scientists used to stay at home making new inventions and discoveries that changed the world.

Artists made beautiful masterpieces from home.

Authors wrote great novels and poems from the comfort of their home.

So the point is, now days one can still make a living doing creative work and creative work can be done at home.

Ask For Some Time

You could be an aspiring writer, blogger, youtuber or a freelancer but you know it very well, one does not earn big money and fame in short period of time. In the early days of your work, you won’t earn anything to show for to convince your family that what you are doing is worth the time.

That’s when you need to ask them you need some time to be really good at it.

I remember when I first started blogging, it took me more than 6 months to earn some money and 2 more years to actually make some decent income to truly rely on it.

I had told my family that it will take some time and they understood.

So go ahead and tell your family or your loved ones that it takes time to make some decent amount of money/success from this kind of work. I am sure they will understand and stop judging you.

Another tip: Don’t get a deadline from your family/loved ones like X years until I become successful, it may take longer than you think.

Take Some Responsibilities

You should help your family with chores, duties or various tasks whenever you think it is necessary. This way your family will see that that you are taking full responsibility. Whether it’s a small chore in the household or a crisis moment, just being there when they need it shows you are a grown up.

If your family thinks that your online work is just a made up excuse so that you can avoid your responsibilities, then they will be more harsh towards your work.

Helping your family out and taking part in important tasks is the quickest way to rise to the hierarchy of your family and earn respect. When you have respect, you will have more freedom working online.

Now that I am doing very well in my online work, my family needs me less for various chores since they know I am doing a much important job. But I still take my time and help them from time to time.

Training Your Family About Your Online Work

Set a work schedule and setup your workspace. I used to work from my bedroom and I did not allow anyone when I am working. If you don’t have a dedicated room where you can be alone and work, try to manage it. Setup your workspace at your parents room if you have to.

In our culture when friends or relatives call you, and ask you where are you? And you say you are at home. They immediately think you are chilling and it’s okay to come over. But it’s not the case when you are working from home. You have to tell them you work at home and you need this time to work on your stuff.

In my case when I tried to explain about it to my friends, they mocked me. Because back in 2007-08 it was still a fantasy. So I ditched my friends to pursue my dreams.

You have to explain your online work to your family and tell them you need absolute peace and alone time to think. I believe all creative people will agree on this. Tell your family and loved ones about your work schedule. In my case I would close my door and work non-stop.

When I needed to do video production to record video tutorials, I needed another level of sanctuary. That’s when my mother made this custom sign for me:

Sign before my door says "Don't disturb me I'm working"

So I would hang this sign outside of my room when I am doing some serious work or recording a video. Everyone from my family would stay absolute quiet and would never call for me.

These are some of the ways you can build a workspace at home and bring your loved ones to your advantage.

Over time my family informed other people like relatives and neighbors about my online work and how to behave and respect when you have a work-at-home professional at home.

You Need Them More Than They Need You

Sometimes parents like an angry dad or a mom just don’t understand your pursuit of your dreams. Well it’s very easy to be a rebel and do what you want, but you have to understand that these are the people who care for you the most. You have to convince them anyway you can.

It’s easier now days since now we have so many examples to look at. But still someone might say, “Tamal Anwar did it, but you cannot do it.” You just have to push hard and overcome all the odds.

And if you are stuck between what you want to do vs what your parents want, then take a look at this clip and confront them once and for all:

You can find the full scene with English subtitles here.

Thank You!

This blog post is dedicated to the 5 members of my family who believed in me since the beginning of my online journey and stayed with me for all these years. I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without my family.

I hope this article will help out someone somewhere out there. If it does, please leave a comment and let me know please and don’t forget to tweet or share this article.

2 thoughts on “How To Convince & Train Your Family About Your Home Based Work”

  1. Hi Tamal,

    Awesome sauce that your family backs you.

    My dad was always fully on board. My mom did not quite get online work, but still supported me. Was a bit different because I moved out a decade before I started blogging but felt good anyway.

    Of course, my wife Kelli has been fully supportive every step of the way, which is the ultimate blessing. Without her no way I’m here today, blogging from paradise as I created and built Blogging From Paradise.

    I like how you stressed asking for patience. Some unclear family members expect you to hit it big in weeks or months. In most cases, this ain’t happening. Avoid deadlines, ask your family to ride it out with ya and they can spot and support your slow but steady process, buying in more and more as you grow your online presence and income.


    1. Ryan, this post was one I wanted to write for a long time. We are social animals and cannot achieve success without the backing of our loved ones. Good to hear that you enjoyed it, thanks!

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