For the last few months I’ve been working on the SEO part of my blog. Search optimizing a blog can get you better search rankings and organic visitors. That means the free and targeted traffic from search engines such as google, yahoo or bing.

Website grader is a free online tool that helped me to understand about the most important aspects of website SEO. You can see the website grade badge which is showing the seo score of my blog. Few months ago when I checked it for the first time, it was 88, now I opted my site and the score is around 98.8. Website grader does not do anything for your blog SEO but it’s a great tool for web masters to optimize their sites. Here are some other things that I did for my blog’s SEO,

Combined efforts that made my blog SEO friendly -website grader, blogkori

Meta tags

Meta tags are the most important elements in blog SEO. I opted my Meta title, description and keyword. I changed the title from “BlogKori” to something in more detail I added a relevant description within 150 characters and added no more than 6 keywords as the Meta keywords. Some people will say to stuff keywords in your Meta, and I’ve told this before too! But I was wrong. Put less than 10 Meta keywords for better results.

Update: Meta keywords are not used anymore!

Combined efforts that made my blog SEO friendly blogkori

Domain age

How long the domain is online determines the importance of the website. Another new factor which is been talked about is how long the domain will be active. I bought another year’s registration for BlogKori and I hope google will give more importance to my site.

All in one SEO pack plugin

The wordpress plugin called All in one SEO pack is yet most powerful SEO plugin ever made. This tool helped me to create meta tags and removing some URL’s from the search engines. It helped me to over write the titles of my page and the Meta tags of each post and page can be changed too.

Web master tools

Sign up for google webmasters, yahoo site explorer and bing webmaster tool and submit your site to their engine. Webmaster tools are great ways to make your site indexed faster. The tools offer some features and options to make your blog search optimized.

Combined efforts that made my blog SEO friendly blogkori

Google XML sitemaps

Another great wordpress SEO plugin. This plugin can generate XML sitemaps for your blog which is crawler friendly. Once you create the sitemap, submit it on webmaster tools and see your post gets indexed faster.

Image tags

Most people ignore image tags/ alter tags. When you use images in your post, you can use this for getting more image search results. Instead of labeling an image as: Image-1, try to add the keywords as the image label. This will bring some more search traffic.

Internal keyword linking

When you write a new post, add internal links on your post to an older post. This is called internal linking/ deep linking/ anchor texts. Don’t just link; add the link with a keyword. This will increase the backlinks of your internal pages and bring more SEO juice.

Is your blog search optimized?

Are you working on your blog SEO? Share some of your interesting SEO tips with us. Are you ignorring search traffic?