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Local SEO Basics, How I’m Doing Local SEO for My Academy

local_seoAfter moving to Habiganj, I have setup an office here. The office is the Academy serving local people with resources and courses related to web marketing. Now I have to invest my time into local SEO.

Yes local SEO matters, people are using the web on the go. Search engines and social networks know the location of their users and therefore they want to show relevant results in that location.

When I was in Dhaka, planning to move to Habiganj, I did a lot of research about local places in Habiganj. I wanted to gather as much info I could on the internet without asking a friend or making a phone call.

So think about it, people from all over Bangladesh, or around the globe are doing online search for local places.

Can you afford losing that kind of digital exposure?

Let me bring you some of my findings and what I am doing to optimize my local SEO, both for my Academy and for my clients,

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How To Add Semantic HTML5 Markup in Thesis Theme

html5 logoI am using thesis theme for many years, mostly because the simplicity of this template. Apart from a beautiful design it also helps with search rankings. Time and time again I have seen, just by installing this theme a new blog gets quick google rankings. Thesis is quick to add new SEO standards and one of them I will be talking about today is HTML5’s semantic markups.

Just imagine turning your blog’s crucial sections like header, content, or footer into meaningful HTML elements to the eyes of the search engines without having to write a single line of code! Seems too good to be true, but thesis let’s you do it yourself.

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7 Blog SEO Tips to Gain Bulletproof Search Rankings

blog seo guideGetting traffic for a new blog is hard. How will you make sure that you will get regular visitors who are interested in your articles?

Some people say social media but the process is painful. From my own experience, social media traffic is less targeted and comes to your blog only when you give it a shake.

To solve this problem and to get regular flow of traffic we need to do SEO for our blog.

S.E.O. is Search Engine Optimization, a special type of marketing done to gain organic visitors.

In this guide I will tell you about SEO and how to optimize your blog/website so that you can gain interested people to come and read your blog, for FREE! [Continue reading…]


Case Study: Attracting More Blog Traffic with Long Tail Keywords

Attracting More Blog Traffic with Blog SEOMy blog gets 80-90% of its traffic through search engines. When I started my blog I didn’t know the meaning of SEO. I just wrote articles and over time these articles got high places in search engines. Now I get tons of traffic everyday from Google, Yahoo, Bing and many sites that I haven’t heard of.

Now if you don’t know what the heck does SEO means, S.E.O. is Search Engine Optimization. A type of internet marketing where you optimize your pages so that it will appear higher on search (Google).

For an example when you search “BlogKori” my blog will come up on top of the search results. This is because my blog is optimized for this term. I will write a brief guide in the upcoming weeks on blog SEO, for now let us continue.

So when it comes to getting traffic for new blogs, it is a very painful to get new people to visit your website. As blogging is like a business, things take time to mature. In this post I will give you some examples of how blogging helped me get search positions and how I get extra visitors every day. [Continue reading…]


Timeless Link Building Strategy – Building Link & Backlinking Guide

Timeless Link Building Strategy – Building Link & Backlinking GuideFor the last few years I am doing a whole lot of SEO & backlinking stuff. Frankly speaking I had no idea about any particular link building strategy. When I first started my blog, I was building link here and there randomly. I kept writing articles and that’s all I did. I am still learning and as I make my way up I will be sharing more on what I have learned. In this article I will write about the timeless link building strategy that will work everytime. In a nutshell SEO boils down to just 3 parts:

  1. Keyword research
  2. On page website optimization
  3. Link building

The last part is the biggest and the most exciting of them all, also the most frustrating one. For a long time I suck in all of the 3 above mentioned things, that’s why I couldn’t see any success in my rankings. I didn’t know what I was doing. I would launch a new site; backlinking randomly here and there and hoping to see a magic in life.

But magic doesn’t happen in reality. That’s why it sucked! So back to the reality I then lost interest to my site and move on to another one and still getting the same ending. As a result I had 20s of websites that were a pain in my ass and I have no idea what I should be doing with them.

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Tools & tips for fast bookmarking and link building

Do you know about social bookmarking? These are the sites we use often like digg, stumble upon, reddit or delicious. Each user uses different bookmarking site depending on the taste. As a blogger you should focus on social bookmarking, because it’s one of the easiest ways to build incoming links and fast traffic. You should do it because,

Bookmarks = Backlinks = SEO benefits

It works like this: You published and article, Mr. A comes to your site and he likes it. He bookmarks it by adding it to his favorite site Digg. Now his friend Mr. B checks his digg profile and founds your site and becomes your reader too! After that he bookmarks another page from your blog and this is how it goes on using word of mouth.

How to bookmark, the smart way?

Most people spend hours on 10 or 20’s of bookmarking site to submit their posts. Some people even pay money to some automated bookmarking sites. But this won’t help you because these automated or bulk links won’t benefit you.

The key is to get the help from your readers. If you use five sites, then bookmark your article on five places (+5 backlinks) Put the bookmarking widget on your posts and ask your readers to bookmark it. If you get 100 visitors and 50 of them bookmark it once, that means you’re getting 50 more backlinks without any effort.

On the other hand, those bookmarks will bring new visitors, that means this will go on and on. Here are some of the useful bookmarking widgets,


ShareThis is the leading service in this sector. You have to sign up for a free account to get a green share this button. You can track your bookmarking and use age statistics with your account. They offer visitors to submit to any bookmarking sites and they can also email friends or re-blog about the post.


AddThis is the competitor of ShareThis. They offer a simple looking bookmark button. When your readers will hover the mouse pointer on it, they will see different sites to bookmark it. You’ll also need an account to use this service.

Add to any

Add to any is the service that I’m using with my blog currently. The cool thing is that “you don’t have to sign up for an account” to get the button. You can also integrate google analytics with this to track your bookmarking statistics.

Tell a friend

Tell a friend is a new service with the same concept. You have to sign up to use this service. This service doesn’t support much social sites right now.

How to add it on my blog?

All of these services have some special automated ways to add it on your blog. You have to select your blog platform and you’ll have it. WordPress users can search these services from the plugins directory and add it to their blog automatically.

Blogger users: First you should get the widget code of the bookmarking buttons. Go to your blogger Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML. Now click on “Expand widget template.” Search this code by pressing CTRL+D

<p class=”post-footer-line post-footer-line-3″>

Now add your button code under this code. Click “Save template

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Some quick tips to make your blogger(blogspot) blog SEO friendly

Blogger is a free platform for bloggers and it’s one of the most popular and a powerful blog platform. A blogger blog can be tweek and hacked for almost every need of a user and it’s owned by Google, so you get some search juice.

By default, every blogger blog is SEO optimized but it could be lost if you use a highly complicated theme and add lots of hacks into the template. Here are some quick tips to make your blogger(blogspot) blog SEO friendly,

1. Google webmaster tools

Sign up for Google webmaster tools and add your site. You can then optimize your site like checking backlinks, crawl status and rate. By using Google webmaster tool, you can give access to your blog directly.

2. Use a sitemap

Google can index all of your blog pages automatically but if you provide a Sitemap(the list with all pages of your site) then google can search easily. Blogger sitemap is, You can also create a custom post with all of your page links to create a custom sitemap.

3. Use a simple template

Most of the bloggers like to have a cool looking template like those cool wordpress templates. WordPress templates are made of lots of PHP files and blogger have only one HTML file. When a designer creates a blogger template from a wordpress template, it becomes very complicative for search bots to index pages. Try to use simple templates with less coding.

4. Avoid too many flash, java and ajex codes

Some bloggers (like me) likes to hack every part of their blogger blog with widgets, codes and everything. The more things you are adding, the template is becoming more complicated, making your blog SEO un-friendly.

5. Meta Tags

Use meta tags in your blogger blog to get better search rankings

6. Anchor text, interlink and backlinks

Interlink your posts with each other and use anchor texts. Get some backlinks from related blogs. The more quality backlinks you have, the more search rank you’ll get.

7. Parmalinks with keywords

A typical blogger parmalink is, -now the words on the parmalink will benefit your search status. But look at the title, “Some quick tips to make your blogger(blogspot) blog SEO friendly” -the main keywords from the title are, blogger, blogspot, blog and seo. You can’t change the parmalink parameter of blogger and it adds only first 4-5 words as the parmalink. So you have to change the title like this, “SEO friendly blogger(blogspot) blog -how to do it?” then the parmalink will be:

8. Labels and pings

Use related labels with your blogger posts. Use lots of related labels which will help you in technorati traffic because the labels on blogger works like technorati tags. Whenever you post a new article, use Ping-o-matic to ping search engines, which will inform search bots to crawl your blog.

Have your say

  • Do you use blogger(blogspot) platform?
  • How you made your blog SEO friendly?
  • Did I miss anything?

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Great examples on how to write a good Meta blog description

Here in BlogKori I have written articles on SEO optimization, meta keywords and page rank. Meta description and keywords are important to rank higher in search engine positions. This is a post where I wrote how to write effective bog descriptions to start with.

Now more and more people are into blogging and SEO, they want to know what they should write on their Meta title, meta description and meta keywords. Whenever you want to submit your blog on directories, they will ask for these data. It’s better to use one static data for every place you leave your link. Here’s what our most popular bloggers have did with their blog descriptions; I’m sure this will help you get started with it,

Blogs with auto generated descriptions




Blogs with pre-determined descriptions




Blogs having a one line simple description



So how do you write your blog description?

After all, traffic makes you earn money online.


5 Crazy but Natural SEO optimization tricks for your blog

These are some of the crazy but natural SEO optimization methods that we don’t hear a lot but it really works in the long run. So let’s read, learn these crazy but effective SEO tricks.

Keywords in image alter tags

We love to add images on our post, don’t we? Images are labeled as IMAGE1, PICTURE1, PHOTO_1 etc. I have labeled my image acording to what the image represents. This is a cool way to get search traffic even from image search results.

Popular forum and discussions

When you write a new post, add the same post on forums/ popular discussion sites. It’s not spamming, some site allows you to promote your blog posts. Add the post title as the thread title and linkback from the thread. Here you get some traffic from the forum, get a link and additionally these established sites rank higher in different keywords. So where your main article is no where near in the top listing, these forum thread will be there who are linking to your original article.

Social media aggregators

Most people don’t care about aggregators such as friendfeed, peoplepond or facebook. If you post your links on social media such as twitter or digg, it will appear on different aggregators too. The cross linking works well in SEO terms and soon you will get more links pointing to your article as the snowball rolls.

Links on the footer

Most website owners love to put the important page links on the footer section; it’s not only making the site user friendly, but also giving a good SEO boost. The footer appears on all of your blog posts or pages, that means you are getting linked back from all of your pages back to your own site.

Using heading tags

You see when I write posts, I make my whole article into small paragraphs, plus I add a sub title for each of the paragraphs. I do this because I want my reader to feel comfortable while reading short paragraphs. The sub title also gives an idea on what the paragraph is all about. But the main thing is, the sub titles are done with “Heading 2” tag. Search bots take good care of the text inside the heading tags and because I add keywords inside the heading, I get more SEO juice.

What else can be done?

Please tell me what things you do to make your site SEO friendly? For good seo, we get better traffic and can earn more money online; please do share your personal SEO tips and share this post on your favorite site.


Domain age -an important aspect on website growth

Website domain age is a factor for good SEO benefits. If you want to get free traffic from google, then you have to pay close attention to this factor. We all know SEO gives traffic and that allows us to earn money online. How about getting 100+ new visitors everyday from google who are interested in your content and wants to read more? That sounds too cool so you have to buy your own domain and keep it for longer.

Most people don’t like to spend money on domain or at least if they buy a domain for blog, they don’t keep it for more than 1 year. Domains are as low as $10/year and you should invest on it.. even if you don’t feel creative about continuing your site; put your site on a free host or use a blogspot blog.

Another interesting aspect that google is looking forward is how long these domains are going to stay. I mean search engines are checking when this domain will expire. It a wise policy because domains are cheap and people are buying hundreds of them to make their main site rank higher in search engine positions. For good SEO benefits you should make your domain older + make sure you have registered more years to it.. See BlogKori’s domain stats,

domain age for blogkori

Not just the domain is 1 year old, I added 1 more year till it expires, so now it’ll expire after 1 year and 8 months, real good SEO optimization. Now google will know that this is not a temporary site and will be online for a longer. What do you think?