Whenever a new blogger discovers something, he simply starts to use that service and fell in love with that. Then he quickly starts to write on that topic and publishes that post hoping that it will get more response from readers, it will get links and better search position.

For an example, the new entrecard user publishing a review about the site in the next day, ‘What is entrecard and how to get lots of traffic from it.’ The new twitter user publishing another article, ‘Twitter is the greatest thing on earth.’ And if you have nothing to write but you have to update your blog, ‘What to do when you have nothing to write on your blog!‘ I have a question for you,Why should your readers read your blog?

  1. If you share the same information what thousands of other bloggers do
  2. If you know the same thing about Twitter what others know too
  3. If you can say you can make money from adsense but didn’t made any money so far
  4. If you say that you are a Pro Blogger but don’t want to do that hardwork for your content

If you want to have tons of ideas ready to launch, then you have to build your own Blogging test lab and have to do some research. A blogging test lab is not an actual research lab, it’s could be your own personal folder, file or your own place where you keep your projects. The lab will be the place where you have to put some time to research new ideas, have to give the scope so your idea will grow. Just like plants.

How to get started?
Start by adding your favorite things in your lab. Write down ideas, informations, thoughts on your notepad, PDA or in laptop. Add the thing you find out today. Keep a reminder that you have to check it out later. For an example, google has released a new feature called search wiki. Don’t just rush to create a post about the feature like, ‘Wow! google’s new search feature!‘ Because in this time you know nothing about this, neither do I, and there may be hundreds of reviews about this feature so far. So you better put that thing in your lab to observe it.

So what is the point?
If you write a blog post about a thing you used for the first time, you will not be able to deliver an article worth reading. But if you use the site and the service for a long time, you will deliver a great article and it will show that how much deeper you have learned about it.

New techniques
If you like to read a lot of blogs , you will find out many new techniques about blogging, traffic, seo, marketing, advertising and many more. You don’t have to jump to write another article describing the same technique, just keep that in your lab and apply it in your blog. You have to find out if it works or not and you can also add your own idea.

Do research
Do a lot of research on the things you know and read about. If you are getting started on a new social site, use that site a lot and find out how this works. Research helps you to bring on new concepts and you will deliver a much more advanced content. For an example I’m doing a research on Technorati traffic. I know some tips where you can increase the traffic but I have to make sure these works.

Bring on formulas that worked
After the research of weeks or even months, you will have results for different things. If you know about something very well, you can create an article with lots of new informations. Your readers will like the well researched article, it will be bookmarked and get better search ranks. The voice and the approach will be different because you have used the service a lot and you know how it works. There is a big difference between the words of a person who knows about paid post earning and the person who actually earns from paid posts.

The tips and ideas from the person who is already making money from adsense will be much more worthy than a beginner. This is why you should stop wasting your time on poor articles. Spend a little time on your lab to develop innovative ideas and see how you will never run out of great topics. Once you have lots of topics ready to launch, pick some of them and write them when you feel creative 😀

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