Bing is a search engine like google, yahoo, aol and many others. Recently they created a new ad campaign which is called the Bing-It-On Challenge. In that special website you can search for a topic and compare google and bing results side by side. It’s like a blind test where you don’t know which search results are from which engine. See the video:

So I was curious and took the test and I made an interesting discovery,

As a web master and internet pro I can clearly spot the 2 search engines from the test. But I preferred the one that gave me much more better and satisfying results.

So far I saw that BING has really improved a lot since their launch in 2009.

So comparatively speaking bing is now more like the search giant google.

I searched for a generic term of “Food Photos” –say I really want to see some delicious foods since I am a foodie. In google it shows:

Which doesn’t seems right because it is showing a lot of non-relevant images. I clearly stated that I wish to see food photos, not food images. But it is showing some stock images in large.

Bing is showing the actual foods on the other hand,

For searching a celebrity or media personality, films, music –google has taken a leap ahead. Thanks to the wiki at the side and all the related info is presented at the right hand side.

Bing treats people as people while google is still treating them as web pages. With the integration of facebook now it is much easier to find people,

So this point goes to bing.

What about regular search terms? I wanted to know what is a  mormon, so the results came:


I would give my vote to bing because it is showing the positive results plus the official page of the is near the top –which naturally should be there.

I searched for nike shoes, say I want to buy some sneakers but I don’t have any ideas on what to choose,

Bing showed me the official nike store + some latest shoes that are on sale. Very good!

While google showed me just plain results,


This all makes sense that bing is really trying hard to improve their system. There are still many occasions (or habit) I am still using google search.

Google and Yahoo partnered and most recently they teamed up with facebook as well. This all means that the search will be more specific to the user.

Google still rules with having 66% market share, where Bing and Yahoo combined are close to 30%. This is a good number and increasing.

As an internet marketer, I see that every day google is getting more spam and people continuously trying to game the system. This is why when we are actually looking for information; cheap results come up on top.

Google fights back and as a result the real sites get punished too.

So in conclusion I will choose Bing over Google. What is your take? You can also read: 10 Stupid reasons to choose Bing