On the last part of this series, I explained about post formatting, editing and scheduling; on this part I’m going to write about blogger comments system and optimization.

Blogger blog has a very much user un-friendly comments system. You’ll get less comment or no comments at all if you stick with the default settings. The first comment I received on my first blogspot blog when I wrote 20-25 posts. That was too late off course! By the way now I’m going to explain some optimizations which will increase your blogspot blog comments count.

Go to your blogger Dashboard > Settings > Comments.

blogspot comments setup

Now on this page you’ll see a lot of options to set. Lets talk about those interesting parts,

Who Can Comment?

Set “Anyone – includes Anonymous Users” this is the best option to allow everyone on the world to comment on your blog.

who can comment on blogspot? permissions

Comment Form Placement

There are three options available. By default your readers will have to go to a new page to comment on your post -this is why most users don’t wants to comment on blogspot blogs.

Select, “Embedded below post” -the new feature in blogger blogs. It’s a wordpress like comments bar which will allow your readers to post comments from the post page.

new blogspot comments option

Show word verification for comments?

By default, your readers will have to submit a weird looking random text before they can comment. This is called Captcha (word verification) which prevents automated softwares to post comments.

Don’t use it because most people will not like it. At the very beginning, you need comments and there will be no spam. Set no for this part.

word verification options in blogger, captcha

Comment Notification Email

Whenever someone leaves a comment, you’ll get notified via email with this option. Add your email on this box to get the notifications on your email inbox. You can add up to 10 email addresses on this box.

comments notification email in blogspot

After all of the settings checked, click “Save settings” and see your comments system,

blogspot comments form

Alternative comment systems

There are other comment systems available to add on your blog, like the most popular Disqus comments. It’s friendly and professional looking.

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