On the first part of this series, I answered some basic questions about blogspot; on this part I’m going to explain about post formatting, editing and scheduling.

Blogger editing panel is just like any other online word editors. Here’s a screen shot of the blogger post/ edit area. You can access it by going to Dashboard > Post.

blogspot posting editing panel/ window

For your ease, I’ve divided the panel into five parts,

1. Editing panel

Font and size: You can change your text font and size with this panel. By default the size is being set as “normal” -you don’t have to change any of these options. After posting, your post will have the template default font and size.

Formatting, color, link: You can set your text Bold or Italic; can choose a color for the text; use the link button to add a link.

Alignment: You can align your paragraph as left, center, right and justify. For a professional layout, use “justify.”

Bullet, numbered, block quote: You can bullet or number a list. You can set a special part of your post as block quoted -it’ll look fantastic!

Spell checker, upload, and remove formatting: You can spell check your post with this button to avoid spelling mistakes. Click on the photo button to upload photos or video button to upload videos. You can select a text and use the eraser button to remove it’s formatting to make it a plain text.

2. Editing mode

The two editing modes are “compose” for web editing mode and “Edit HTML” for HTML editing mode.

3. Post labels/ tags

You can set relevant tags/ labels to you post. For an example this post tags are: blogspot, blogger, blogging etc.

4. Comment permissions

This part will allow you to set permissions for comments. You can set your comments “off” for an individual post.

5. Schedule posts

By changing the date to the future, you can schedule the posts to be published automatically in that date. At the same way, changing the date and time, you can re-order your posts.

Image uploading box

You can upload images into your blogger posts. The image uploading box looks like this,

image upload window on blogger


Click browse and select the image from your computer. You can add up to 5 images in each term.


Choose a “center” layout for wide images. You can also choose left or right alignment but don’t use “none” alignment.


Select the size of your image. If the image width is higher than 400 pixel, it’ll be then resized to 400 pixel. Click upload image and it’ll be uploaded to your post.

Some blogspot image tips:

  • All of your big images will be resized into 400 pixel. So if you want to add a bigger image, host it somewhere else.
  • You can add a link to the image by using the “link” button.
  • You can always drag and drop images, change positions and resize it.
  • Upload all of your images first, and then add texts -or the alignments will be gone.
  • Sometimes blogger server occurs a temporary problem which disables the image uploading process -but that’s rare.

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