Blogspot (blogger) is the most popular blogging platform ever made. It’s not popular because it’s a free platform; it’s popular because of its features and great performance. Blogger is highly customizable and that’s why it’s being widely used from a new blogger to a web designer.

This is a new series I’m writing for newbie blogspot users. You can do a lot more with your blog when you’ll master on this platform. On this first post I’d like to answer some frequently asked questions about blogger.


What are the storage and bandwidth limit of blogger?

Blogger platform is hosted at Google‘s server and you’ll get unlimited storage and bandwidth for your blog. No one has ever complained about the bandwidth of the new blogger and you can get as much traffic juice as you can.

Where my images and videos are stored?

Blogger will not host your images and videos; you have to host it somewhere else. Your photos will be stored in Picasa and linked with blogger. For videos, you can try youtube.

Why it’s free?

Google offers blogspot for free because they want to make money with adsense. A large amount of adsense revenue comes from blogger blogs and that’s how they make money with free blogspot blogs.

Can I make money with a blogspot blog?

Yes you can. Adsense is integrated with blogger and you can also run third party ads on your blog. You can also get approved for paid review sites and can make money with them.

Why I can’t get any good URL’s?

Blogspot is a much older platform and most of the good sub domains are taken. You have to set a long domain or domains with hyphens (-)

Can I use my own domain in blogger?

Yes off course you can use your own domain with blogger. It’ll then look professional and can brand your blog easily.

Can I host adult content on blogspot?

According to blogger TOS, you can host adult/ pornographic content on blogger. You have to set the option that this blog contains inappropriate content.

Do you recommend blogger/ blogspot?

I recommend blogspot for new bloggers: It’s easy and free. If you want to learn blogging and don’t want to spend any money for domain and hosting, then blogger is the best choice.

I don’t recommend blogspot for serious bloggers: If you’re serious about blogging, then start a blog with your own domain and hosting. If you want to be a pro in this field and want to have total control over your site, then start a blog with a premium platform.

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