mike tyson
Mike Tyson Will Kill You

What happens when you find yourself in a boxing ring against Mike Tyson and your whole life is depending on it? I know you don’t have a chance of winning when you are up for a professional boxer –but how much effort you will give to fight him. I’m sure you will give 110% of your strengths on it.

Keep that in mind that’s important!

Now here is the thing, when you are up against for someone in a fist fight, no matter who is your opponent, visualize that the person is Mike Tyson or Undertaker –you choose. Then give that exact effort you would have if you were actually playing against a larger opponent.

Last night I was watching one of my favorite movies Predator. It’s a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger –I think most of you will know about this movie. It’s a movie where a group of elite commandos are in a jungle against a deadly alien.

So one by one their team mates get killed and then they set some traps to catch this alien. At night they were all waiting for that alien. Suddenly something sets off the trap and a thing comes in contact with one of the commando members.

That officer was shocked and in fear of that alien he grabbed his knife and kept stabbing that thing until it is dead.

Then later they found it is a wild boar he killed, not the actual alien. So what is the takeaway here?

wild boar
Wild Boar

A wild boar itself is a dangerous creature. But the commando thought it was the alien, far stronger opponent than the boar. He had perceived in his mind that he is battling something he can’t defeat.

I learned something new that night. If you think your competition is bigger and stronger than you can handle, you will give more than what you have. Thus giving you an advantage and hopefully win the battle.

So instead of thinking you are against a dog, think that you have to take down a bull. How’s that?

In business we fail not because our competitor is strong. We fail because we take them lightly. Why are you so over confident? Just think that you are battling a giant corporation and give your full effort in it. Don’t rely on your luck, just do it.

We are capable of doing more than what we can. That’s where the 110% came from. So tell me what you have learned from this post?