How to Attract Local Targeted Audience Into Your Blog

There are times when you just don’t want to invite the whole world into reading your blog. You may be offering something locally and would like to target specific people who are from your own community.

Targeting a geography-specific audience is very straightforward. You just need to publish content that speaks to your local audience.

However, there are few more tricks you can implement to maximize your local reach, which I am outlining below:

Write In Your Local Language

The Japanese word for love

If you write your blog in your local language such as Japanese, then you will obviously target the Japanese speaking audience. This is the first and the most surefire way to bring your local audience into your blog site.

Let’s say you want to target Indian people into your blog, then you can write in Hindi or any major language spoken in that area like Tamil, Telegu, Urdu etc.

The downside of this approach is, your content gets limited to just the people who can read the language. After all there may be other people who don’t know the language but live in that location.

Also when you write in a native language, your blog will only show up when people search online in that language.

Not all languages have all the search features. So your site may get less attention just because it is written in a language other than a major language.

If you are from a country such as the USA, UK or New Zealand, where you commonly speak in English, then language is not an option for you. For English writers, here are some more tips:

Make Your Writing Local

Different regions have different words and phrases which are unique to their locality only. So instead of writing in standard English, you can use the terms you use in your locality. This will surely attract people who are from your location.

Another way to go is to write about the events and things which are happening in your area. When you write about stuff in your own place, only people who know about this will find your blog relevant. Some festivals happening at your place? A new movement is going on in your area? Write about that for inspiration.

Generally speaking, every blogger automatically attracts people from their locality, even if they write in English about a broad topic. Like in my case, I am a Bangladeshi and have a lot of Bangladeshi readers. I guess the word of mouth plays an important role here.

Get Geo Specific Domain Names

Almost every country has a local domain name extension. Like here in Bangladesh, we have In the UK they have In New Zealand, there is By using the country-specific domain name extension, you will tell both your local audience and Google that your blog is for your region.

Getting a country level domain is easy to setup. You can also have both .com and your local domain which both point to the same blog. Most of these domains can be purchased online (with the exception of

Other than using country-code domain names, you can also include your city or area name in your .com domain name. For example, a domain name like indicates that this site is about living in Mumbai.

Get a Google Map Listing

If you are looking to attract the local targeted audience into your blog, then chances are you also have a physical store or office. Get a free Google for business listing if you have a physical address for your business. Link your blog from your Google business, so it will be linked from the maps.

When someone from your local area searches online, your blog and map will show up on the search results. It will help you get more targeted organic traffic.

My friend DJ have used a similar thing with his blog. When you search for BlogRon on Google, you will also see the map listing with the blog linked as the website. The local place has chance to show up on various local searches too:

Google Map listing for

Get Included in Local Directories

Every local area has some local directory sites. Every profession or industry has some sort of association or directory where they list the local places. Get into these local directories and ask them to link to your blog.

You can also get included in your local chamber of commerce if applicable. There are also local Facebook groups and Reddit subs that you can participate.

Get Into Local News

Contact your local newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations. See if there is a way they can get you covered in the news. Befriend with local journalists, pitch them a news to get you covered. Easier said than done, this could be a great way of getting local targeted audiences to your blog site and hopefully get a huge boost to your traffic.

Attend Local Meetups

Local meetups are a great way to find people who are from your local area and are interested in what you do. If your blog is about technology, then attend a tech meetup happening in your area. If nothing good is happening in your area, why don’t you connect with a few people in your industry and do a meetup? This is a great way to get known in your local area and make new connections.

Local Advertisements

These include generic promotional methods like flyers, bumper stickers, craigslist, etc. Just do what’s appropriate and within your budget. Just don’t go crazy with it.

Did I Miss Something?

I would love to hear from you guys who are specifically writing a blog for your local audience. Which methods helped you get the most local targeted readers? Post it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “How to Attract Local Targeted Audience Into Your Blog”

  1. Funny you write this Tamal; I am in New Zealand now as I write this. Super breakdown. Write in native tongue, and add idioms like, bloody, bugger off, toss off….ok I am joking around, sharing curses. But do write in local figures of speech to connect with an audience.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Yeah, I got the inspiration when someone posted how to get traffic from New Zealand in the Problogger FB group. If you do add cuss words and slang terms, you do will attract those type of people too who love to slang 🙂

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