Are you Creating or Consuming?

I grew up watching TV. I would spend the whole day watching cartoons.

Then came the computer. I spent every day playing games on that thing.

Then came the internet where I spent time on social media.

Then the smartphone news feed took over everything.

As it turns out, 90% of my life is spent on consuming media.

Let’s fix that.

Let’s start creating more and consuming less.


  • Skills
  • Muscle
  • Hobbies
  • Apps
  • Relationships
  • Content

Don’t consume:

  • News feed
  • Binge watching
  • Gossip
  • Porn
  • Conspiracy Theories

Consume consciously.

Anytime you feel like you are consuming on “auto-pilot“, you have nothing else to do, stop! And rethink what you are doing. When in doubt, get up turn your phone away and walk around.

Do consume:

  • Books (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Videos, and courses from great people
  • Biographies of top people
  • Blogs
  • New inventions
  • 1 on 1 conversation

It’s easier said than done when I have been doing this for my entire life. But have to start small and build a habit.

A word on creating content:

Don’t put out garbage into the world.

Create something that helps someone out there.

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