I’m familiar with this term called affiliate marketing for a long time and for more than a year I’m being experimenting with different sites and affiliate models. Right now if you ask me what is affiliate marketing, then I would say this is a method where you can make a whole lot of money online than ever.

A dummies guide on, What is affiliate marketing?

read and learn about affiliate marketing for dummiesAffiliate marketing is simply taking someone else’s product and promote them. When you make a sale, you will be provided a commission.  Different affiliate systems have different commission standards. Some pay for each click like the pay per click and some pay for every 1000 visitors. Most of them pay for a lead like a successful sales. Here both the company and the affiliate  (you) make money. Some of the high paying niches such as real estate, pay you for bringing the customers to their site not a lead recommended everytime!

When you sign up as an affiliate, you will be provided an affiliate ID or a special referral link. You have to promote the product and use the link when they sign up. When they sign up using the link, your commission will be provided to you.

Online affiliate programs pay 75% or higher per sale because here you do all of the promotion and they take care about the customer. So this is why affiliate marketing is gold in today’s online industry and everyone’s  looking forward to afft marketing methods.

90% of affiliate marketers are doing it wrong!


Yes this is true! This is what I felt while I talked with different affiliate marketers over the globe. I connected with lots of marketers from different niches; from newbie to a guru; small affiliate-rs to successful site owners. Most of the time they start with joining a course, then buying ebooks and packs full of tutorials on how to create a website and basic SEO jobs.

They end up creating a 10 page wordpress site filled with copy/ scrap content. Then bringing people through SEO. Now search engine optimization is a hard task, you know that well.. so they just buy the traffic via adwords. After spending a whole lot of money on traffic, you see some conversations (if you are so lucky!)

Now what they all are doing is faking the blogsphere. They are creating dummy blogs, so that when you land on a site for help, you will think that this is an authority blogger. They are spending a whole lot of time and money to make sure it looks real.

Don’t get excited to see the $10,000 check because that guy have spent more than $9,000 to build, maintain and promote the site.

Bloggers can be the perfect affiliate marketer

Bloggers can be the perfect affiliate marketer BlogKoriNon bloggers are paying hundreds of dollars to learn creating a wordpress site, twitter, facebook and SEO methods. We bloggers are good at this and have learned these things in practical. Stop developing a site around the product; find products that match your site and suitable for the audience.

The first time visitor doesn’t converts into a customer every time.. it takes a lot of time to build trust. Sometimes the visitor visits the site for months until he is finally convinced to buy from you.

As a blogger you don’t have to create a dummy site or post scrap content. You just do what you are doing along with promoting your affiliate. People would love to try what you have recommended and it works more than a bunch of paid visitors.

Lot more about affiliate marketing is yet to come

From now on, keep coming at BlogKori for some advanced method on affiliate marketing as a blogger. I will share some of my killer tips on afft marketing, lead generation and to build a successful online business with those methods.