Have you noticed the tiny icons next to every web address? These are called favorite icons, favicons (fave-eye-cons). These are cool and it makes any site stand out from hundreds of sites. If you are using blogger, the default favicon will be the orange ‘B’ (blogger) icon. YOu can change it to your own one so that your blog will look like professional.

BlogKori’s favicon is a big Bengali ‘Bo’ -the first letter of Bengali word, BlogKori. I made it myself with the help of the simple, MS paint software. You can make your favicon too. You have to create a 16×16 pixel tiny logo. This could be a icon(.ico) file or could be any image format like .jpg, .bmp etc.
Now upload the image in your website/ web directory. Blogger users can upload it into any free image hosting providers like flickr, photo bucked, image shack or picasa. Copy the source url of your favicon image.

Now open your blog’s HTML editor and paste this code after the HEAD tag, (replace the red part with your source url code)

<link href='Hosted-Favicon-URL' rel='shortcut icon'>

Blogger(blogspot) platform users

Open your blogger Dashboard and click “Layout” > “Edit HTML” you have to add the favicon tag after this code,


And check out your blog with the new favicon!