Do you know, you are only few quality links away to the ultimate exposure, fame and wealth? Backlinks are the currency of the internet. To create a link rich blog, you have to create more backlinks. This article will show you those simple, stupid, wise and un-usual ways to create more backlinks.

Well let me tell you more about incoming links/ backlinks. They are the links from other websites which points to your blog/ website. Search engines like google will give much importance and rank to a site with having more quality backlinks.If you have 100 backlinks pointing to your blog and each of them provide 1 visitors each day, that means you are getting 100 visitors daily. Building more backlinks means you are building your blog’s online status and higher search rank status. In this way the day will come when it will be impossible for you to make others visit yor blog -actually we bloggers don’t want to stop visitors, the more traffic means more fame, expossure and income.

Link building techniques:

1. Start with your neighborhood: When you start blogging, ask your friends, family members and your relatives to give you a link from their website. Start this from the beginning. Don’t think about the relevant link because in the beginning you need traffic.

2. Regional community: Join your regional community and ask your country man to help you out. If you’re an Australian then join Australian community, join India bloggers if you’re an Indian blogger.

3. Your online friends: Ask your online friends (chat buddy, fellow blogger and your readers) to give you a link from their blog.

4. Forum, groups, social networks: Use these communities to build more links. Join discussions and provide related informations, leave your links for a resource. Be active on the community to get more friends and supporters. You can add your link on your profile to get another backlink and a way to let others visit you.

5. Bloggers from your niche: Build a network of bloggers from your niche. If you have better communications with them, they will sure link with you, as you are on the same niche.

6. Comments: Leave meaningful and better comments on other blogs. This way you are building links + the readers from that blog will visit your blog also.


  1. Leave regular comments to attract the author and his readers.
  2. Add the best article as your link on the comments, so that the new visitors will have a good first impression.
  3. Don’t just hunt for Do-Follow blogs, every link is important for you.

7. Link exchange: It’s a way where you give a link and you get a link. Create a link exchange campaign to create more incoming links, and also help others to build links. You can also exchange links with me

8. Link baiting: It’s a term where you create an outstanding article or breaking news and wait for others to link to this article. Bloggers are most influenced and you can build more links with it.

9. Social bookmarking: If you bookmark your articles on social sites such as digg, delicious and stumble upon, then you are also creating more backlinks. If you bookmark one of your articles on 10 sites that means you are building 10 more backlinks. But the main juice will come when the bookmark will be popular among users. This will be a quality link and also show up on search results.

10. Article directory: There are many sites where you can submit new and original articles. You can add a link which will follow your blog. This way you can create more links. Some other sites are ezinearticles,, hubpages and squidoo.

11. Micro blogging: Sites like twitter, plurk can be very useful if you become active and build a good profile. Add your links on your updates and those will bring new backlinks.

12. Guest blogging: You have to give something before you can take. Writing articles for another blog is a way to attract new readers. You will have a link from that blog with your article too. Read my friend Wei’s article about guest blogging

13. Email signatures: Add your blog’s link in your email signature. This won’t count as a backlink but you will get some traffic when you are sending emails.

So how can I do all these?

1. Quality first: Creating more links is not worthy if you don’t have a good blog. First you have to create a better blog and write outstanding articles.

2. Ping regularly: Use ping-o-matic to ping your blog when you update. Pinging sends an alert to search engines and they will find out new articles and links.

3. Download the alexa toolbar: Alexa rank is determined by internet usage and with alexa toolbar. Be your own supporter and help your blog to build better ranks by using the toolbar. Ask your friends to use it too.

4. Give links, share articles and feature your friends: in your blog. This way others will love you and they will feature you in their blog too.

5. Build a good helpful profile: People like them who are polite and helpful. Create as much happy friends as you can and they will do promotion for you.

6. DO NOT SPAM: To build links don’t try to spam the internet with comments, links and un-wanted things. You will lose your reputation and this approach will ban you from search engines.

7. Don’t do all of these in one day! If you just start doing everything I said after reading this, you will lose hope. Create a habit of commenting, building friendship and being active on social sites. Do one thing at once and at the end of the month you will build enough links.

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