Your sales numbers increase with a reduced bounce rate. You want visitors to your site to feel comfortable enough to look through your digital offerings and buy something before departing. Ultimately, you want that visitor to turn into a repeat customer who reads your newsletter. Here are some simple tricks to reduce your site’s bounce rate.

    1. Listen to your customers: Most of your customers welcome the opportunity to make something better. Find out what they think about your current landing pages and ask for suggestions. Conduct surveys to gain their opinions. Offer an incentive for your visitor’s assistance and consider their input.
    2. Testing: Perform scientific testing of your site. Change specific portions of the landing page, move elements around and test the conversion rate that you receive. When you have concise information, you will be able to minimize your bounce rate and increase your sales.

  1. Analysis: More data means more analysis. Find the widgets or services which provide great amounts of information about your visitors. Discover the effectiveness of your marketing campaign through deep number crunching and analysis. You want to know the reasons why your visitors bounce so you can tweak your site.
  2. Linking: Your customers should have access to the entirety of your site through the front page. Provide links that might be of interest. Let the customers know about the products and services that you offer. Give them choices, but do not overwhelm them. If you know that they are coming from a specific site, customize their landing page to let them know they are in the right place.
  3. Usability: The appearance and usability of your site make or break your customer’s first impression. If your visitors do not have access to an About, Product Features or Pricing page, they are likely to walk. The buttons should not be cutesy and unclear. Make sure that all of the links within your site are functional.
  4. Keep your site simple: Sites can easily become confusing to their visitors. If there are more than three levels to your site map, some simplification needs to be made. Your visitors and customers want a lot of relevant information at their fingertips. Everything else can be eliminated.
  5. Call to action: Have a clear call to action on your page. If you want someone to buy your product, provide buttons which lead to a purchasing page. If you want someone to subscribe to your newsletter, make signing up easy. Lead your users and they will follow.
  6. Be authoritative: Authority is conveyed through design and content. You want to portray the image that you are a professional. You offer professional services and you can be trusted. The image that you portray on your site can influence your bounce rate. People are more likely to bounce away if they do not receive the image that they expect.

You can lower your bounce rate by paying attention to the needs of your visitors. Be attentive to your customer’s needs by keeping your site simple and accessible. Good luck!

James Adams, a blogger and analyst for an ink cartridges store, spends much of his time reviewing new hardware such as the HP 350XL and posts about advertising, art and design on their blog.