Blogsphere is the unique world of the internet, the world of personal publishing. No one ever wondered that simple web journals or web logs could grow up into a massive media of people and informations. Now there is no one to set rules and boundaries for the blogsphere, it’s universal and you can write anything. But still there are some un-written rules you can hear a lot in the blogsphere, lets take a look at the 8 most heard un-written rules of the blogsphere,

Content is king -article

Content is the king

The most heard thing ever on the internet. You have to write original articles and this is the one thing that will attract visitors to your blog. Don’t just write original content, write good quality content. Everyone loves to read informative posts and search engines too!

Establish something you own

If you’re serious about blogging, then look at the long term benefits of your creation. A blog’s final profit can be selling the domain or even selling the whole blog. Most of the time new bloggers spend a lot of time, effort and money to establish a sub domain that you don’t own. Your only asset is the domain that you own and the content hosted on your own server. Because if there’s a time when you’re able to sell your blog, you’ll have to own your blog.

Build upon what you have

Try to think the positive things while blogging. Don’t be sad if you have only 50 visitors a day -this is a good thing and most blogger don’t even have that. Try to build something bigger upon what you have already. Don’t feel bad about your blog if it’s a free blogspot blog. I’ve build my blogs upon the very minimum resources I had and the same way you can do it too!

put your eggs in different baskets for blog revenue

Don’t put your eggs in one basket

Your blog is a goose that will lay eggs and then golden eggs. From the very beginning, try to focus on different income streams. Don’t just focus on adsense, try other ways of money making like affiliate earnings, PTC or direct advertising. Also apply for paid review sites such as PayPerPost or Smorty. Your earnings will grow over time when you’ll earn in multiple streams. If one stream falls, other will help you out.

If you build it, they will come

Your blog, site and creations are immortal and nothing dies on the internet. If you wrote something, it’ll be indexed on google and people will keep coming to your blog forever.

be the purple cow

Be the purple cow

Just like Seth Godin said, be the purple cow of your niche and everyone will love to read from you. You have to create outstanding articles with out of the box creativity. Create articles and blog which will make you stand out from thousands of other bloggers.

Provide the value first

Most new comers in blogging try to bring traffic or earn a nice amount of money doing nothing. It’s not possible in the blogsphere because you have to provide a value before you can bring out something.

networking with people

Networking with people works

You can’t succeed online now if you don’t want to connect with people. The internet is driven by people like me and you and the more contacts you have, the more you can succeed. These people around the web are your readers, customers, advertisers and promoters. Network with people around you and you’ll succeed.