7 reasons why most bloggers quit blogging within a year

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I have blogger friends and also friends who are new, excited about the concept of internet marketing. Most of them have started to blog or either planning to start off a blog. But as the time goes, these faces disappear from the online world and soon I wonder what happened, why they are not actively blogging like before? Most of the enthusiastic blogger friends of mine don’t even make it up to at least one year as they fall.

Now today I’m sharing a few reasons why most bloggers quit blogging within a year. I want you to read them below if you are a newbie blogger and make sure you don’t quit blogging.

1 You don’t love blogging

You will quit if you start something that you don’t love at all. Sometimes bloggers blog just for updating their site or to keep up with the audience. If you don’t love blogging or even blogging on this topic, why blog? You have to care about your blog and your readers. You never know who is following your blog and waiting for great new updates.

2 You run too many blogs

I know few people who manages too many blogs like a main blog, tech blog, personal blog and another blog about their blogging habits. After all that you also have to manage being you, your family and work too! Running too many blogs at once is really hard and you will get bored with it real soon. When I started blogkori, I had another regular blog running and when blogkori started to take off, it was really hard to manage 2 blogs at once; so I quit blogging at my first blog and focused on BlogKori.

3 You want to make money online

No there’s no problem at making money online with your blog but the fact is that majority of the bloggers start to blog just because they want to earn money from their blogs. You can’t earn money with a blog before building a content rich website. You have to provide the content and a reason to read from your site. Most bloggers get frustrated at this and at some point when they see it’s impossible for them to continue, they quit.

4 You didn’t invested any money on it

Blogs are free with blogspot or wordpress but it needs investment if you want to own a domain, have to host the content at your webhost. I’m running BlogKori on HostGator servers from January 2009 and since then I have paid $130 so far, that means almost TK 9,000 alone in the hosting. Additional money spent on buying and renewing domains, contest giveaways and the bills I paid for my PC upgrades and internet subscription. So just because I have spent so much money for my blog, I won’t stop blogging that easily.

5 You are not blogging with wordpress

The majority of the bloggers are using free platform and have never tried out wordpress. WordPress is cool for bloggers and web site owners with so many great features, themes, tools and flexibility. Just because you have a blogspot blog, you don’t care about your blog and finally you quit.

6 You are not even writing your own posts

Most bloggers are too lazy to write blog posts themselves and what they do is to copy paste content from the web. They think they are smart and nobody will ever know. You won’t attract people with copied content even if they are great writings, google won’t give you good rankings either.

7 You are not reading other blogs

You don’t read other blogs at all and you quit saying “Blogging sucks!” -you have no rights to say this buddy, the blogsphere is a tremendous place with high quality professionals. If you don’t read other blogs, you will soon run out of ideas and motivations. Also reading other blogs will give you new tips to maximize blogging efforts.

Add another point

Do you know any more reason for people to quit blogging? Please share your thoughts and share this post with your friends.

47 thoughts on “7 reasons why most bloggers quit blogging within a year”

  1. I think people do stop blogging within a year because they don’t love what they write about. May be they like to write articles, but if the topic they chose to write about is not among their passions, they’ll eventually quit.

    And I really agree with you about the money. For example, I’ve seen people who stop blogging because they don’t like their design. So why don’t they design/buy a new one? So they don’t put money into their thing and eventually, they quit..
    .-= Mr Javo´s last blog ..Improve The Way You Use Twitter =-.

    1. I would say point number 7 “You are not reading other blogs” is very important.. It’s like learning english, read english books and you improve your skill… Similarly, read other blogs and you improve your blogging skill !
      .-= Nasif´s last blog ..Link3 Fiber To Home Broadband Review =-.

      1. I was out of motivation when for some reasons I stopped reading other blogs; now reading them once again with my feed reader and back to blogging again.

    2. I want to create a photoblog, but I’m not a photographer; I want to have a tech blog but I’m not a techy person.. just because I have interest in that topic, I can’t just start one, or else I will fail to produce the content 🙂

      Your points are interesting Javo, bravo!

  2. Aminul Islam Sajib

    I do believe that managing multiple blogs (not too many, of course) is good. This helps you to keep blogging up in case one falls down. You don’t need to start from zero if you have another active blog.
    .-= Aminul Islam Sajib´s last blog ..Twitter Tool: How to Unfollow All =-.

    1. Some bloggers even creat 10+ blogs, I don’t know how they do it and inspires their readers to do the same. CRAZY!

  3. I agree with your views. As a month old blogger, I keep trying to get readership and is difficult. I am my own best reader. If I ever think of leaving blogging, it will be the sole reason of people not reading what I am putting up
    .-= lani´s last blog ..I stand =-.

    1. As a month old blogger and having very low readership, it’s a very bad reason to stop blogging. You have a few loyal readers that you don’t even know reading your blog. As far as you have you as your reader, then continue it.

  4. Klaus @ TechPatio

    That’s definitely some valid reasons you list there and most likely also the reasons why most bloggers actually do stop blogging. Personally I’m closing in on my 7 month of blogging (at this current pace), so I am too excited to see if I’ll make it past the 1 year mark 🙂
    .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Friday Flick Find: The New SLS AMG =-.

  5. So very true reasons! Especially about lazy bloggers (sadly I am one of them). I have lots of ideas to write about but I am just too lazy to go to my blog admin area and make an actual post…
    .-= IngaOz´s last blog ..Monetize Your Twitter With Magpie =-.

    1. Earlier (maybe last year of blogging) I used to spend more and more time for the preparation of blogging and to write a new post. But right now, I just get a good mood and start writing inside my wp area 🙂

  6. You are right about the many blogs. I had two blogs, then decided to merge it into one, it’s not easy to maintain multiple blogs when you’re busy with other things.
    .-= luchi smiles´s last blog ..Blogger Pages =-.

  7. Tamal,

    Good post! Alot of your points are very real. My brother has just drop blogging after 6 month as earning was low and not increasing for him.
    .-= Charleston´s last blog ..How to Hide Files and Folders on USB Drive(Pen Drive) and PC =-.

  8. There are two types of Bloggers. Some people do it as hobby and another group keep it as profession that is pro blogging. In my opinion those who started as hobby they don like to invest on it (for paid hosting or TLD). When they engage with another work and get busy simply go away from their hobby. And the pro bloggers (newbie) do too much hurry for the money rather than increasing their blogging specialty and finally quit.
    .-= M.R. SOHEL´s last blog ..How to display selected friends on Facebook “Friends“ box =-.

      1. That’s good info, but the fact is hobby bloggers don’t promote, do SEO or use social media to attract audiences; but a good number of big bloggers have turned their hobby into a profession, that’s awesome 🙂

  9. Thanks for letting us know the points that i may face in future. And i am well-aware of these now.

    The peoples who are just blogging in order to make money they seems to be quit within shorter. Because the subject they choose; they don’t love it anymore. But instead of loving money, they should love their blog and usually it doesn’t happen. So they quit blogging.

  10. Most bloggers quit blogging soon because they want overnight results regarding getting visitors and money from it. They know nothing about SEO but expect their blog on 1st page of Google SERP. They don’t even know what a keyword is and expect their article get indexed which is next to impossible. So let’s quit….
    .-= chandan´s last blog ..How to write perfect keyword articles for adsense? =-.

  11. coincidentally, we have almost similar post. 🙂 others quit because of shifting interest or focus.
    .-= ceblogger´s last blog ..What Will Make You Quit Blogging? =-.

    1. wow that’s cool, I see you have listed some great reasons out of the blogging cycle; why don’t you list some of my points at your post and give me a linkback, it will be cool 🙂

  12. Most bloggers never end up earning much money is the main reason they quit. I would recommend Adsense to new bloggers as it will give you at least some encouragement.
    .-= Megan Fox´s last blog ..Kerry Washington =-.

  13. When they engage with another work and get busy simply go away from their hobby. And the pro bloggers (newbie) do too much hurry for the money rather than increasing their blogging specialty and finally quit.

  14. I keep trying to get readership and is difficult. I am my own best reader. If I ever think of leaving blogging, it will be the sole reason of people not reading what I am putting up

  15. You have a few loyal readers that you don’t even know reading your blog. As far as you have you as your reader, then continue it.

    1. That’s so true. I was going to quit one of my first blogs but then I saw that there is some traffic even I didn’t updated it for months… That means (probably) that there are still readers coming back and waiting for new posts maybe, so I will continue it. 🙂
      .-= IngaOz´s last blog ..Giveaway Monday – Squidoo Basics =-.

  16. Good reason. i might another post like this in another blog!!!
    I like the way you describe this. point 4 and 7 are best reason, thanks

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    1. jenn @ t1 service

      Can I just say that the picture of the guy in the t-shirt that says “your blog sucks” completely cracked me up???

  18. I, for a start, was a victim of blogging for money and giving up quickly. However, I soon realized that blogging is a long term strategy and needs to be handled with extra “patience”… If you lose patience, then you fail

  19. The lack of discipline is another reason, i myself suffered from it, i thought i will write a new post everyday but now its one every week!

  20. thanks man this will seriously encourage me to keep going !! cause i know if i dont make any money it will be hard for me to keep going, but i will keep going for at least a year… ill send you my blog url once i make it…

  21. I started a blog about 2 1/2 years ago, and I really enjoyed it. But I shut it down because i was out of work, and I didn’t want my fiance at that time to think I was sitting around on the computer all day, haha. But I recently started it back up, and I’m not quitting for nothing. I enjoy it, and it gives me something to do.

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