50+ Great things about blogging

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  1. The very first blog post.
  2. The first comment.
  3. The very first page rank.
  4. The check from adsense.
  5. People are reading my blog!
  6. A new template.
  7. People telling that I’m a pro in my field.
  8. Personal emails.
  9. 100 RSS readers.
  10. I got mentioned in another blog.
  11. The first payment.
  12. Appeared on google search!
  13. A direct advertiser requesting an ad space.
  14. My first guest post.
  15. Someone asking to write a guest post.
  16. A digg effect.
  17. John Chow Dot Com.
  18. Customized the template.
  19. Fixed an issue.
  20. 1 more comment.
  21. A free ad spot.
  22. Someone adding my link on blogroll.
  23. Got accepted for an ad network.
  24. Another 100 posts.
  25. Getting my desired domain name.
  26. My blog’s favicon.
  27. Signed up for twitter.
  28. Created a mobile version for my blog.
  29. ProBlogger.net.
  30. My blog got stumbled by a friend.
  31. Another email subscriber.
  32. Learned a new tutorial.
  33. Making my friend jealous about my blog.
  34. When I give an advice.
  35. Being on a top 10/ top 100 list.
  36. Another technorati fan.
  37. Being the 1’st commentator of a popular blog’s latest post.
  38. Darren Rowse following me on twitter.
  39. Getting an email reply from a high profile blogger.
  40. Getting a link from CNN.
  41. DailyBlogTips.com.
  42. Getting traffic from google.
  43. Another traffic spike!
  44. A great new idea to write.
  45. 1 new friend request.
  46. WordPress.
  47. A ReTweet.
  48. Winning a contest.
  49. Getting good feedback.
  50. Very fast internet.
  51. Blog’s mobile version.
  52. Getting the higher place on google search.
  53. Traffic from yahoo search.
  54. Add yours too…

3 thoughts on “50+ Great things about blogging”

  1. Aminul Islam Sajib

    Getting a link from CNN? What’s that?

    Aminul Islam Sajib’s latest blog post..Do you know you have got multiple addresses with 1 Gmail account?

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