Social networks are the place where people like to hang out, connect and make new friends. As a blogger, you could use social networks to spread your blog address, make new friends and ask them to come visit your site. This way, you can make chain divisions of your blog on different social platforms to make a stronger brand. Here are my list of 5 popular social networks on the internet,


Facebook is the biggest social network on the internet. You can create an account and search for people who are interested in your blog topic. There are different people on the site.

Facebook has groups, instant chatting system, groups, pages etc. Anothor interesting part of FB is their applications. You can add different apps in your profile to do different things. You can also add your blog’s RSS feed in your profile, so any visitor of your profile can read your blog and can come to your site.

My Space

MySpace is the rival network of facebook. There are many users are active in myspace than FB. MySpace has the profiles, groups, clubs, discussion boards, forums etc. Another part of myspace is that, you can have your own blog in MySpace. You can use the blog as your professional blog.

Most of the MySpace users are teenagers, but now days everyone is connecting with myspace. You can also change the layout/ theme of your myspace page, there are lots of free themes can be found online.


Blog catalog is the biggest social network for bloggers. You can create a profile and can add your blog there. Its a great blog search community and all of the users are bloggers. There are profiles, forums, groups and many more in BC.

You can ask for any blogging help from the users, create link exchange groups, private chat and can join in discussions.


Hi5 is a teen community and it is popular in Europe. You can find lots of friends there. Can join groups, send messages and join forums. There are not very much options there but still its useful to market your blog.


Orkut is a social network by google and it is popular in Latin America and in India. There are profiles, images, scrapbooks, groups, forums etc.

You can create scrapbook entries like blog pages and can share them with your friends.