If you want to become a better blogger and want to create a monster blog, then you have to become a blogging machine. If you’re the only employee of your blog, then you have to work hard on creating articles. The more quality articles you have the more you’ll have the chance of getting search traffic and returning visitors. So here are some quick tips on being a blogging machine. -30 sec

Have a writing habit

Producing content is the most important task in blogging. Write lots of articles, messages, comments, reviews, tweets, direct messages. Create another test blog if you want to write about everything. Write more and develop a good typing skill. -30 sec

5 minute quick tips on how to become a blogging machine?

Read a lot!

Read blogs, stories, articles and capture the style of each author. Learn how they present one thing and how they capture “reader’s attention” like this! Read online, read offline; learn the way of creating contents, making sentence and how mistakes can be enjoyable. -30 sec

Learn more

You can’t write without having an idea or information. As a blogger you have to search places for new things. Read blogs, stumble, tweet, participate in discussions, read newspaper, watch TV, listen to radio and take a walk on the streets -even a billboard can give you new things to write! -30 sec

Write as you’re talking with people

Are you having problem about how to start a post? Try to write as you’re taking with your friends. Don’t just talk, listen and ask questions. Add information and share other posts. Link to your friends posts and they will link back to you too! -30 sec

Add humor

Don’t just be serious writers. Try to be a writer with humor. Add some odd posts and some funny lines, in your posts. You can add funny images and start your serious post. Make mistakes and give your audience a chance to laugh 😀 -30 sec

Experiment a lot!

“You don’t have to be perfect in blogging, you have to be active”. Experiment new post ideas and write odd posts. Just like I’m experimenting with this post. There’s only one way to know if it works or not, experiment! Most of the plans failed and some stupid ideas were a big hit, just because I experimented. -30 sec

Check the time!

According to my calculation, you’ll spend approximately 4 minutes after reading this paragraph. So did you enjoy this quick post or it bored you? Do you think being a blogging machine will help you to succeed?

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