5 Easy but Effective Blog Posts Ideas Anyone Can Try

5 Easy but Effective Blog Posts Ideas Anyone Can Try

Recently I inspired one of my academy students to start his own internet blog. A blog plays a crucial role when it comes to attracting targeted leads to any kind of business -and he knows it very well.

But one thing my student lacks and I think many of you do..

The ability to write epic content!

Just like him, many of you don’t have the skill to craft out awesome pieces of blog posts.

I mean really epic pieces of content just like one of those from Neil Patel’s blogs. A blog article of 2,000–3,000 words long which is a masterpiece on it’s own.

Truth be told, it takes some serious blogging skills to come up with one of those mammoth post.


And it’s not a cake walk for someone who is getting started.

So is there any middle ground?

Fortunately for that student, and you.. there is.

Here I am outlining 5 easy but effective blog post ideas anyone even a beginner can follow and grow their Blog/YouTube channel/ or Podcast:

Top 10 _____

You can come up with a cool list of 10 or so items related to a topic. It’s a classic and people seem to love them a lot!

> Top 10 Action Movies
> Top 10 Code Editors
> 5 Cool Alternatives to Photoshop

You just have to write an intro paragraph, a small blurb per item, some cool images for each item and an ending blurb. That’s it!

It will look something like this:

Intro blurb.
1. Item number 1: The small blurb about this item(1–2 lines).

  1. Conclusion blurb.

_____ Review

Write a review about something which goes with your blog topic.

Softwares, movies, products are good choices to write reviews about. People search for honest and unbiased reviews. You can write a review with your own point of view. Your readers will like that you took the time to write a review for them.

Remember the days we used Firefox and then Google Chrome came out? I wrote a review about chrome and my blog readers loved it.

How To Do _____

It’s an instructional post. Write or record a video showing people how to use something; how to do something with _____. It could be anything like:

> How to tie a tie
> How to make a website
> How to hire a lawyer

You can also mix it up with the top 10 _____ and create unique articles like:

> 3 Ways to tie a tie
> 10 Ways to make a website

You get the idea.

Here you will create a manual or tutorial about how to achieve something.

People use the internet to search for “How to” guides. I do!

Put screenshots of the steps to detail the process, it will help a lot of people and you will get lots of visitors.

Pros & Cons of using _____

This one is just like the review post but in this one you are stating the pros and cons of something, so it will be easier for the reader to decide.

It works great for a software, service or product. You just have to create an intro for the post, what you are going to review and then state the pros and cons.

You can then state your verdict at the end. This will help your reader to decide whether they should get it or not.

(Unpopular Opinion About) _____

Something comes out, and everyone loves it, Great!

But you can be that person with a different or unpopular opinion. For an example, I work with the Divi theme for WordPress and everyone loves it.

There is just one blog post on the internet (my research) that says otherwise. And you know what, he is absolutely right.

Everyone hated the new wireless airpods, but now some early reviews are sharing unpopular opinions.

Credit: Hongkiat

So the thing is, you can too have an unpopular opinion about something, and you can write it on your blog (backed up with your reasoning and some facts)

This kind of post will attract all the other people who agree with you. It will also attract the ones who disagree with you, but they will love you for your courage.

So there you have it! 5 easy to make blog post ideas you can try. Just go with it and fill your blog with lots of amazing posts.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave your response below. And don’t forget to recommend this post.

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