Here are the 40+ things,

  1. Download the latest Stumble Upon toolbar and start using it
  2. Add a nice picture in your profile
  3. Write a nice bio
  4. Stumble regularly
  5. Thumbs up and down
  6. Stay on the site you stumble and explore it
  7. Write good stumble reviews
  8. Comment on the pages you like
  9. Add friends on your niche
  10. Subscribe to other stumblers
  11. Stumble the users and add reviews
  12. Submit the best articles from your blog
  13. Use tags
  14. Stumble funny images
  15. Add your fans as friends
  16. Add friends who thumbed for your content
  17. Message your friends
  18. Send articles to your friends with the SU toolbar
  19. Report about bad stumbles and users
  20. Ask your friends to discover your page
  21. Capture the first time visitor from SU
  22. Make your friends, stumble users
  23. Make stumble users as your blog reader
  24. Let others promote your content
  25. Return the favor to your friends
  26. Connect with your SU friends on other networks
  27. Be personal
  28. Be professional
  29. Search SU for latest articles
  30. Browse your friend’s profile
  31. Add specific article pages in SU, not the main home page
  32. Thank your supporters
  33. Subscribe to stumblers via RSS
  34. Stumble videos
  35. Add the stumble button in your articles
  36. Ask for thumbs up in your article
  37. Add the stumble plug in, in your blog
  38. Stumble through sites like wikipedia, blogger, cnn etc
  39. Use stumble upon search recommendation plug in
  40. Create stumble worthy contents
  41. Don’t stumble because you have to, stumble because you love to

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