I wrote an article about 7 Ways how to get more comments on your blog post? Now I’m writing this article as an advanced version of the post to explain 4 of the tips from that article. You can sure read that article if you missed it.

1. Make it easier to comment

First of all you have to allow comments. By default, every blog system has a built in comments system. But please take a look at your comments box and use your own experience, is it hard to comment? Most of the time your readers will not comment because they have to log in with an ID. Make it easy to comment and allow anonymous comments.

If you hold comments for moderation, then please don’t use a word verification box.
If you want the comments and discussions to run live, then remove moderation. Blogger platform have a lack of a good comments system. You have to go to another page, write a comment, fill up the word verification and then comment. Use an alternative comments system like Disqus which is easier to use.

2. Ask for comments

Asking from the audience is good but is it worthy? I mean the post you have written in your blog, does it deserves a comment or further information? If you tend to write everything on your post and complete it, your readers won’t add something more. If you write an article with some informations missing and ask your readers to complete it, then they will participate. Sometimes adding one wrong information works well to engage your readers.

Ask your friends to support you too. Ask people from social networks and forums to help you with nice comments. When you know that you are getting a burst of traffic like the Digg or Stumble effect, then get some comments earlier. People will go away without leaving a comment, if you don’t have any comments on your post.

4. Reward your commentors

The basic way to reward your commentors is to give them a link back with the help of top commentors widget. But there are more ways you can promote your readers. The more you do for for them the more they will do for you. You can showcase the best comment and commentor just like my friend Hamdani Amin from Streamxy did in his blog.

Other ways to reward your commentors is to reply comments back to their blog, giving a social vote for their blog, giving entrecard credits and lots of more ways to promote your readers.

6. Showcase your comments

When your readers will see that other people have commented on your blog, they will comment on your blog too. You can easily add a comment widget on your blog with the latest comments. Adding comment widget with avatars works well to attract more comments. Comments are another sort of content which people love to consume. If the comment is interesting, other readers will follow that discussion and leave a comment. You can use your other sites to show off your comments also.

There are many widgets can be found online which will allow you to show of top commentors, recent comments and popular articles by comment. You can also build your own recent comments widget by adding a new RSS feed widget and adding this address, www.yourblog.com/feeds/comments/default

I hope you have enjoyed the advanced version of the article and please do leave a comment also. You can help me by promoting this article just the way you want, thanks.