16 Types of Blog Content for Those Who Are Not Good at Writing

types of blog content other than textWhat type of content should I post in my blog?

If you had asked me in 2008, I would answer that you should definitely write articles for your blog. Now over the years the definition of content has been changed. Now there is more than one type of blog content. Back then we would say content writing, now we say content creation. There is video, audio, image, flash, animation, slideshow, documents and many more forms of content you can create for your blog.

Now article writing is the most basic form of blog content creation. More people prefer reading text articles because it is so easy to consume. Creating text based content is a no-brainer for a blogger. Search engines like google & bing can easily read the chunks of text and can rank your page easily.

Now what if you are not good at writing?

Face it, not everyone can become a blog writer. For some people it’s a boring little thing to write in a blog. Now the question is, if you cannot or don’t want to write, will you still be able to create a successful blog?

For every successful blogs, it needs engaging content; content that people will love to consume and share with their friends.

So let me share what are the types of blog content you can produce for your blog other than written content,

Video Blog Content

Videos are so popular now days since the rise of YouTube and faster internet connections. Now you can easily upload videos online (for free) and can watch it from sites like YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion.

Now let’s talk about the hard part: “What type of video I can create?”

talking head

1. Talking head: Here in this type of video, you see a person talking in front of a camera. You have to look directly into the camera and talk to the audience. This is the most common types of video content available now days. You will need a decent video camera to shoot yourself. Post the video on YouTube and then embed it on your blog post.

screen cast videos

2. Screencast video: In this type of video content you are behind the scenes and talking about what you are doing on the screen. Tutorials and how-to videos are great examples of such videos. You don’t need a video camera for such setup, you only need a screen capture software like Camtesia or service like Screenr. You can also make a screencast of yourself playing a popular video game.

drawing video

3. Animation/Drawing: If you can create animations, you can make videos explaining your topic. People love animation and you can attract a lot of people to your blog. Animation requires a lot of time compared to other form of videos but you can be sure that people will love your effort. At the same time you can create whiteboard drawings. Not that complicated, but will be fun to watch.

4. Slideshow/Mashup: In this form of videos you can create a mashup with video clips, images, music and text. Such videos are called slideshow or mashups. If you search online you can find tons of royalty free stock footage you can use on your video. You can either mash them up on a software like Microsoft Movie Maker or use an online service like Stupeflix.

Audio Content Types

Rather than videos, you can create audio posts and upload them on the internet. These audio posts are called popcasts in blogging terms. These are just like radio episodes which people can download and listen.

audio podcast

5. Podcast: As said earlier these are audio recordings of you talking about a topic. You can also have guests in your podcast episode. The most popular way of distributing your podcast is through the iTunes service. You can also have the download link in your blog. You will need a microphone and an audio recording software like Audacity to record podcasts.

6. Other audio content: Audio content like loops, songs, jokes, poems, music piece, song covers, and karaoke could be forms of audio content. You are the content creator, there is no limit of what you can make, so just do it. There are tons of websites that will host your audio content. You can use SoundCloud to host your audio content and them embed it onto your blog.

Image or Visual Blog Content

All the social media sites are heavy in images now days. People love to see visual content in their social feeds and in their mobile devices. You can create visual content for your blog and attract audience. All you need is some creativity and your favorite image editing software.

photography as blog content

7. Photography: Are you a photographer? Take some stunning photos and put them online. You can host them on flickr, 500px or even on your blog. It would be even cool if you could write a few words sharing the story of how you captured the image or what was the motivation behind it. To take a great photos, you don’t need to own a high end DSLR camera; you can take photos with your phone and add filters on instagram.

infographic as online content

8. Infographics: Infographics are images with information presented visually. People love these graphics because it’s a fun way to learn. You can collect information & statistics from the internet and represent them in graphics. Well made infographics attracts a ton of people and incoming links. You can make infographics for free in sites like Piktochart.

9. Wallpapers/Downloadable Graphics: Can you create cool graphic? You can make wallpapers or image that can be used on facebook covers. You can also create icons, emoji or other form of downloadable materials for your audience.

10. Drawing: If you are an artist then you can make some drawings. You can then post these drawings online as the main content. You may also have a speed drawing video of the process. You can also create short text blurb sharing the ideas and tips for your work.

internet meme

11. Meme: People love funny images, cartoons and memes. In recent years meme has gain tremendous popularity. These are mainly pictures of people slapped with a one liner joke. These work because the joke instantly makes a person laugh and want them to share. There are meme generators you can use to make your own versions of popular memes for your blog.


If you know how to code you can make anything from logo generators to scripts and even website templates. Here are some different types of content you can code and give away as content,

flash games online as blog content

12. Flash Games: If you know how to make flash or HTML5 based games, you can put it online as content. You can also give it away as a free download to your audience. There are people who love spending time playing games online.

web generators

13. Logo/Graphic Generators: You can create a logo or banner generator and can have it hosted online. You can also allow people to download scripts so that they can host their own generators.

14. Website Templates: Know how to develop beautiful blog or website templates? You can create great looking templates to give it away on your blog. People love freebies.

15. Mobile Apps: You can also make apps for mobile devices such as android or iOS apps and offer it to your blog as content.

16. Online Apps/Games: Make an online app in platforms such as facebook and you can have it as your content. This can help you gain an audience in no time.

Final Thoughts

Now you see that even if you are not good at blog writing, you can still create blog content and drive traffic to your blog. Do leave a comment in this blog and let me know what other content types you can offer aside from text posts? Do you offer other type of content in your blog?

16 thoughts on “16 Types of Blog Content for Those Who Are Not Good at Writing”

  1. Great list, I did not know some of the content idea here. You have categorized nicely. I think the graphical content like, logos, wallpaper and info-graphs all are in the same category of content.

    1. Hi DJ, yeah the logo & infographic all belong to visual content category, I just expanded them. Also you see the logo/banner generators they are not stand along logos, they let you make new designs from those generators. So I separated them into software category.

    1. Sure you should start making content the way you are most comfortable, could be video, audio or even visual. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I used to write blogs out of passion, but here I got lot of things that I wish I knew earlier.

    Thanks for a nice writing

    1. Thanks for stopping by bro. It’s not too late, you can still use these content ideas and make a mashup of your own.

  3. thanks for the information. and I have get lots of knowledge for this blog content. really i like you. And i will following this tips in my blog.

  4. Hello Tamal Anwar,

    It’s a nice advice who likes to find alternative of writing blog regularly. But I like to be a good writer and hope to be a blogger in future. Would you suggest me, what should I do to achieve the same.

    1. Hi friend, you should read a lot of blogs from other people. This will help you shape your thoughts. You will start to think like the bloggers/writers online. Then also write on your blog and don’t be afraid to share with the world. You will improve over time.

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