15 Signs That Tells You, You’re a Web GEEK

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  1. You have your own website or blog which you care as your child.
  2. You rarely go outside of your house and in most cases you rarely leave your room.
  3. You know who the CEO of twitter is and who’s the creator of facebook but don’t know the names of movie celebrities!
  4. You probably don’t have a date!
  5. You can fix your own computer and can mod it.
  6. You’re doing really great online.
  7. You work around 50-60 hours a week online.
  8. Infront of your computer, you forget to eat, change or even the shower!
  9. In Christmas or in Birthdays, you wish for 1000 RSS readers, macbook pro or a Page rank 6.
  10. You really don’t want to join the RAT RACE!
  11. You know a lot of things than any other of your age.
  12. You love to spend your money on softwares, websites and on subscriptions.
  13. You don’t care what’s on your desktop wallpaper.
  14. Friday means Follow Friday(twitter) and Sunday means Sunday Link Love to you.
  15. Add another one..

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