Lots of people on the internet visit lots of websites, read lots of blogs everyday. At the same time lots of people come to your site. I check my web statistics and it shows how many people come to my site everyday. So hundreds of people come to my site but why I know only a few of my readers? Why only handful of visitors leave comments?

This is one thing you might think about too. This is because majority of web users are not active participants. They are in your list of visitors but they will not help you out in blogging because,

  1. They will not leave comments or reply to any discussions
  2. They will not vote for you in social sites
  3. They will not link to your blog because they might not have a blog
  4. They will not contact with you
  5. They might not click on your ads(This is not an official requirement!)

here are some ways to bring your invisible followers in front and to make them into active users,

(1) Ask to leave comments: At the end of each post, leave some questions and ask your readers to leave comments, suggestions or questions. If no one is doing this, ask your friends to leave some comments.

(2) Be dumb: Most of the time we bloggers write great articles with every information we can. Write some incomplete articles, be a dumb and let them leave a reply.

(3) Ask for help: Let your readers know that you are not a genius and you’re an ordinary person like them too. Ask information, suggestions via your blog and let them help you out.

(4) Polls: Polls are great ways to make your readers participate in your blog. Ask questions and let them give answers. This is a great way to know your readers.

(5) Chatbox: Add a third party chat box in your blog and let your readers leave reply. Chat is much easier way to communicate with your readers than comments. Don’t forget to reply to the messages too.

(6) MyBlogLog widget: MyBlogLog is a great way to show up your recent readers. You can track your readers and can communicate with them using it.

(7) Contact option: Keep some option to contact with you. A email option and add some of the links to your social profiles like twitter, facebook etc.

(8) Educate them to blog: If your readers are not bloggers, then make them aware of blogging and teach them how to blog. Tell them it’s easy, free and creative.

(9) Feature your contributors: Feature your commentors, friends and subscribers in your blog. Add their link in your blog or mention about them in your post, they will be interested.

(10) Ask them to subscribe: Ask your readers to subscribe via RSS reader or email. Create a page to let them know what RSS feeds are and how to subscribe.

(11) Reveal yourself: Share some information about yourself, let your readers know about you and they will reveal them too.

(12) Free givaway: Offer some free things like coupons, free downloads, ebooks, free reviews and they will show up.

(Bonus) Run contests: Run contests on your blog and give prizes. This is another way to make your readers interact with your blog.

So if you are one of my invisible followers, then please show yourself and connect with me. Do you think these tips will help you, or you have another great idea? Please help me out with a Stumble, Delicious or anything else you wish 🙂