Don’t get scared of this, your baby monster won’t eat any of your readers, it will just help you develop more followers, big brand and profit. What are monster blogs? It’s a big blog that has lots of quality articles to read and have tons of informations. These are the example of some monster blogs: ProBlogger, CopyBlogger, DoshDosh, ReadWriteWeb.

A monster blog has 2 things, Quality and Quantity. The articles of a monster blog will be worthy and there are lots of them to read. A monster blog is a place where a reader can spend hours reading new informations and then he will bookmark or subscribe to the blog. He will come back daily and will link back to this site.

Creating a monster blog is not about the brand, traffic and popularity. It’s all about creating great quality articles which will help lots of people.

Here are 10 tips which will help you to create a monster blog,

1. Lots of writing

You must have writing talent to create a monster. Write lots of articles. If you are controlling the updates of your blog, then write articles offline on any topic, the goal is to get more writing skills. Why not create a secondary blog to keep on writing. Write emails, comments, letters and lots of things.

2. Pillar articles

Pillar articles, which are well researched and take long time to construct. Take an idea and extend it. Make it longer, add resources and points. This one is also a pillar article. Pillar articles are bigger and constructive, they get more attention because it takes long time to create and it becomes a better one.

3. Series of articles

Why not extend a popular article and create a series of articles? These series gets more attention and your reader will also like to read the next article. Extend your article with one concept on each part. Don’t forget to add the entire link on each part.

4. How to’s and Tutorials

Always create some articles on, How to do this, and that. Create tutorials because people love to get involved in something. Create a tutorial or a series of them. Create a tutorial about something you have to answer a lot of time. Create step by step articles which will help even the new user.

5. Short, entertaining articles

People like to read small articles because it takes less time to read it. Create some small articles on a topic or on something off topic to make your readers happy. Small articles take shorter time to create so you can update your blog more frequently. These are required along with the big pillar ones too.

6. Explorable archive

You have created a blog with lots of great articles but new visitors are not reading them. This is because they are not seeing them. Make an easy archive page where your readers can find your old articles. Create an archive page like I did with the ‘Archives’ page. You can also create your sub article pages with articles on each category.

7. Share links, articles and information

You must also share different resources instead of your own articles. Share articles from other blog, link to other blogs, talk about a great resource etc. Its all about informations, help your friends promoting their articles and see how you can create an informative blog.

8. Be personal

You can make your monster more attractive to read when you will share your own experiences, happenings and achievements. Be personal with your blog and your readers will connect with you too. Make your monster, friendly so the readers won’t scare away!

9. Get comments

Comments are also great resources. These are some information which can make your blog more interesting and more attractive. Your readers will stay longer to read the comments and come again to read new ones.

10. Final notes

Don’t try to be a monster because you can’t be one alone. Try to give your best online, create regular articles and you will create a big blog over time.

Quality is the first priority and don’t just start adding articles on your blog just because I said so. You must create original and well researched article for your blog.

Writing is good for your creativity and for you professional life. Write lots of article and publish them. Don’t avoid it just because they are not well written or full of errors, this is how you can develop better skills time to time.

Have liability for your blog even if you are doing it for fun. There are people waiting to read from you and this is why you have to create a monster blog.

How is your baby monster?

Please leave your link on the comments section and I will visit it. How you are feeding your monster and how much bigger you want it to be?