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There are blogs about nearly every subject imaginable, but a good portion of these never go beyond being seen by just a few. Your blog needs to have more authority, but it needs more readers. Here are ten free ways to promote your blog and receive more traffic.

1. Take a Look at Social Media Outlets

Myspace, Facebook and Twitter all have people who might want to read what you’re writing about. Look around the other social media sites to see if there is something you can use. The more people who have a chance to see your work, the more quality readers you will receive.

2. Create Linkbait

Linkbait is best defined as articles or controversial pieces that people want to read and share. List articles and heavily charged pieces are great to use for linkbait. If your format is easily digestible, it could qualify for being link bait.

3. Link Exchange

This sort of reciprocal activity is common among bloggers. Find blogs within your niche and ask the authors if you can exchange links. This broadens readers’ horizons by giving them something new.

4. Email Readers About Cool Stuff

This technique can be used after you know what some of your readers’ hot buttons are. If you know that someone loves it when you post about the money making aspect in your niche, send that person an email to tell them that a good article like that is coming up.

5. Join or Create Communities About Your Topic

Using your favorite blog service, create something about the niche that you love. If there is already a community dealing with that niche, join it and comment regularly. This will allow more readers to see you and you can gain expert status.

6. Mention Other Blogs

You read some great blogs which offer ideas and strategies related to your niche. Don’t be afraid to link to other blogs or put them in your blog roll. You will be thanked with more readership.

7. Write a Newsletter

Blog posts are generally limited to one topic. An ezine or newsletter can cover plenty of subjects or further elaborate upon some of the items discussed. Newsletters and ezines provide more valuable information that people want to read.

8. Write an Ebook and Give Away a Free chapter

By giving away a chapter in your e-book you are seen as more personable and generous. Your readers will send that chapter to others and you will generate more interest about your blogs.

9. Comment on Other Blogs in Your Niche

Every blogger says something different about the niche subject. Each blogger presents different ideas and new thoughts. Commenting on other blogs allows your blog to gain publicity and allows you to be seen as an expert.

10. Put Your Blog’s Address on Your Business Card

Interactions happen in the real world and business cards are still exchanged. Your blog is something that you’re proud of, so why not let your associates take a look at it?

Generating publicity is easy, but the results take time to realize. Be persistent and you will gain more readership.