bing-is-stupid (1)

Bing, bing, bingo.. now days everyone is talking about this new search engine. I noticed this search tool when I saw a number of people are coming to my blog through bing. It’s a search engine from MSN and now yahoo have joined the bing team to bang google with it.

Over the last few weeks I have read a lot of reviews from experts to newbie bloggers about the features and seo benefits. Now here my stupid reasons why you should use BING,

  1. You can type B I N G much faster than typing G O O G L E.
  2. Bing has a new homepage design every day.
  3. It shows much more relevant results comparing to others.
  4. Bing shows less ads when you search (until now!)
  5. Bing has a feature to check the overview of the site before clicking that site.
  6. Google and Bing are almost the same but you feel like it’s even better.
  7. Bing is much more SEO friendly than google.
  8. Bing shows related terms and related sites when you search.
  9. Bing has much more things to offer as a new search engine.
  10. You want google not to be the search king anymore!

Okay jokes apart! BING is actually better in many cases comparing to google. Take a look at my comparison of Bing vs Google and the Bing-it-on challenge.