10 Cool ideas for a new blogger

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1. Tech blog

There are lots of blogs on the internet about technology, computers, software, hardware and other digital things. Lots of people likes to read a tech blog because most of the people likes technology. You could start a tech blog by writing about different goods you use and like to have. Adding new informations about latest technology is a great source of content.

2. Gadgets and hacks

Most of the people likes to read a blog about a specific gadget, hacks, modifications and other tips. You could simply start a blog about your pc, mobile, ipod or even your game console. Write your everyday ramblings about the gadget and you can be able to build a niche site. If you even know, how to change the sim card of your pc, don’t hesitate to write down it into your blog because there are still lots of people out there who doesn’t knows it and searching about it.

3. Movie reviews and TV shows

There are lots of people who loves to watch new movies and TV shows. If you are one of them, then you could start a blog about a movie review. There will be a series of reviews could be found on the internet, but you can make it great by adding your own experience, the good, the bad, the ugly. Write a short movie review(200 words) and build your movie reviews blog. You could also write a blog about TV shows and what’s the latest story on the series. There are lots of people out there who just missed their favorite show and they want to know what happened in the story to keep up.

4. Video games

You are a gamer and you play lots of video games. You could start a video game blog with lots of informations, reviews, cheat codes, level help, console details and everything. You could choose a specific topic about a game blog like, play station, strategy games, multiplayer games, arcade gaming, mini consoles etc.

5. Programming

You know how to design websites, coding, HTML, Java etc. Now you can start a blog about it. There are lots of things to share with your audience. You can choose how to design websites or how to create mini applications. You could also write about mobile coding. There are lots of people who are interested in blogger and wordpress hacks and coding, how to create a blog template etc. A nice example of this kind of blog is, Antonio’s Woork blog.

6. Social addiction

You could start a blog about your favorite social website like, facebook, Hi5 or Myspace. If you spend a lot of time on the social sites, you will know many things about it, you can spread your knowledge with your blog. There is no limitation about blogging. Lots of people have blogs about twitter, digg, stumble upon etc.

7. About your hobby

What is your hobby and what you like to do? Add your hobby online and see how many people you will find interested in your blog. Your blog could be about gardening, reading books, games, sports, fishing or anything else. Express your self and let the world know about your interests. You can even write about foods.

8. Your profession

You can even write about your profession. What happened in your office and how you handle everyday tasks. You can even write about your business, jobs and your studies. Write helpful informations and share experience. I started my first blog, tamalanwar.com about my network marketing profession and I have succeeded to get attention and help people.

9. Blog about blogging

Don’t do it if you are new on blogging. My advice is to write about a topic you know well. I started blogkori when I had six months of blogging experience. If you are armature in blogging, then don’t write about this topic. But if you know many things and had blogs before, you can sure start one.

10. Your own opinion

What do you say? What do you like to blog about? Please leave a comment with your opinion.

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  1. Blogs about movie reviews are so boring. πŸ˜‰

    Movie News’s latest blog post..Saks Fifth Avenue is not a Shop, but Shopgirl is Able to Make You Overlook That

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    Hey Tamal, Very nice info.tnx but make us hear first how many fields full of potentials are there on which we can be specialist to make content for blog.

  4. Good blog. I’ve a question. As a blog owner, just how long did it take for your web-site to become successful? Likewise what do you like most about blogging?

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