What (was) Google Page Rank?

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There used to be a public page rank which I talked about in this post. Right now the public page rank is discontinued, but the internal page rank is still active. So you can still use the information on this article useful.

To help you understand the concept of the google page rank you need to know what are ranks. Ranks are used in military, defense, police, and troops all over the world. In such manner, the power and authority are divided among all soldiers and officers. Every member of an organization, such as in the army has a special symbol attached to their uniform that identifies their rank.

Superior officers have ranked in their shoulders as stars. My father is a police officer so I know quite a lot about ranks, stars an badges. This is the only visual way to quickly identify a soldier’s seniority.

In the military it takes years of service, heroic efforts, track records, some recommendation and maybe some links. Generally, a soldier or an officer will advance ranks just 3-4 times in a career. It is very rare for someone to be demoted to an inferior rank, but it is possible.

If we take that concept on the internet there is a rank called the google page rank (Named after Larry Page, co-founder of the website). So the guys at google thought why not set up a system that will rank websites according to how many links they have.

A link or a backlink is like a vote. For an example here I linked to google -if you click on it you will go to their website. This is called a backlink.

Links are the main currency in the web world and google gives more importance to those sites that have more quality backlinks pointing to them. The more backlinks you have, the better chances you will get to achieve page rank. But over the years the page rank technology has been changed heavily. Now page rank is calculated with the number quality backlinks pointing at your website.

Here is a picture that will help you to understand the basic concept of page rank technology.

what is google page rank in picture

On the picture, imagine that, all of the colored balls are websites. The big yellow ball is Google. All of the sites are linking to google that’s why it has become bigger and have higher page rank. The green smaller balls are new sites and have no links pointing to them, so they have no page rank. The big yellow ball is pointing to the red ball which has no other backlinks but still, it has achieved a bigger status just because a far bigger website has linked to it. This is just a basic image of page rank, and the actual image may blow up your mind.

To check the page rank of your website visit this page. Now you can see the page rank of your website. If your site is new you may have a N/A over there.

google page rank check

Blogs or websites don’t get page ranks, only the web address(www.yoursite.com) gets page rank. Its not that difficult to get a page rank. When I started my first blog few years ago it took only 3 months to get Page Rank 3 from 0. When I transformed the address to my own domain, it started all over again with No page rank.

There are 12 status of google page ranks, it starts from No Page Rank, then page rank 0 to page rank 10. The higher is better. The more ‘quality’ links you have the better rankings you will get.

Page Rank is Not That Important

Please remember that having a big page rank doesn’t mean that this site is better. People can pay money to buy links and get a higher page rank. In blogging, first, you should focus on your articles and the quality of your blog and the ranks will come automatically.

Over the last couple of years, the toolbar page rank has been changed a lot and right now it is no longer an important aspect in SEO. At the moment getting a page rank of 4 is way much harder than it was 5 years ago. This is only because google does not values every backlink that your page has. Some new changes of the google algorithm gives your site negative values for gaining links aggressively or spammy ways.

Page rank may not be important nowadays but it is still one of the 200 search ranking factors of Google. Also, it is still a good pricing factor for websites. On auction sites such as Sedo.com, a website with a high page rank will sell for higher prices.

How Do I Get More Page Rank?

You will still want to get a good page rank because it’s one of those shiny things that will make you feel special. One thing is sure, the page rank does not work like 1,2,3,4.. instead, it works like xx2 x3 x4 and so on. This means if it took 1 link to get to the page rank of 1. It will take 10 links to get to PR2 and then it will take 100 to get to the next level -you get the idea.

Don’t be upset, there is a way around for this too! You can get a link from a page that has a high page rank. So you will get some link juice to your website. Get one more link from another high-value page and you will get some more link juice.

So the equation is simple, in order to get more page rank, you need to obtain more links. You can go for a large number of small value links or a few numbers of high-value links -the choice is yours.

So start building some incoming links to your website and after a few months on the next page rank update, you will see some positive changes to your website page rank.

18 thoughts on “What (was) Google Page Rank?”

  1. Cartoon Bears

    My sites get listed in Google, Yahoo, Baidu Yahoo answers and Youtube. But my Pagerank is still zero.


    Cartoon Bears’s latest blog post..Testing

    1. Getting listed and getting ranked is different. Getting listed is the first step and over time you will get a page rank. Write new articles, bookmark them and build incoming links ~this will increase your ranks.

  2. Aminul Islam Sajib

    My PR has got increased though still I’m unsure how useful the PR is.

    Aminul Islam Sajib’s latest blog post..Recommended WordPress Plugins of all time

    1. I think PR is helpful when you are in very competitive keywords. For instance, your blog is about cars, definitely you are not the only one who own that keyword. Now, when someone search or type the word cars in google search, the search engine weighs the most important site. In this case the site that has more backlinks, relevant links or in a simpler word the one that has the highest PR then put that site above the rest that uses the same keyword. Because google think the more unconditional links your site has the higher your site’s value. Thus awarded your site the best place. OOPPSSSS! don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that you have a high PR it will put you on the first page of google’s result. PR is just one of so many aspects to break you through on google’s front page. Consider also, the meta tagging, keywords and even your domain name plays a big role on search engine result.

    2. Page Rank is your site’s value. The higher your PR the better. It is helpful especially if you are in a competitive keyword. Like for instance, your blog is about cars, definitely you are not the only one who use that keyword. Now, when somebody search or type the word “cars” in google search; the search engine weighs the most important site. In this case, the site that has more backlinks, relevant links or in a simpler word the one that has the highest PR. Then put it on top of the search result, above others that uses the same keyword. The more unconditional links your site has the more valuable your blog. That’s how the search engine think. Because many are linking to your site, meaning your site is important. Oopss! Please don’t get wrong. It does not necessarily mean, because your blog has a higher PR it will automatically appear in the first page of search engine. PR is just one of many things that search engine considers. Meta tagging, title, key wording and domain name are also important for your site or blog to make the first page on search result.

  3. I think PR is useless, there are plenty of very successful sites which earn a lot of money yet have very low pagerank.

  4. How can i increase my pagerank? i have just switched on .com domain from blogspot. Should i have to change my webmaster settings?

    1. Yeah you have to add your new domain on webmaster tools and wait for the search engines to organize it. As the old blogspot domain now redirects to the new .com domain, your older search rankings might get back but have to work on the new domain from ZERO.

      1. Hi ,Tamal you are really good!
        I want one information ,my blog at blogspot and now I want to move it to .com, do you please tell me after shifting to own domain, would I get my followers and all traffic back and how much time it will take .


  5. Thanks. Very useful post. I have done some research on the Google PR concept. Not sure how much important it is to get more traffics to a site. I will keep working on that.

  6. My page rank still show zero even i have much visitors to my site drive from the search engine
    .-= David´s last blog ..Possession =-.

  7. Ibrahim,you have no need to give backlink.You have to try to create backlink for your site.Blog owner has gave idea about backlink.I think you should try to use one way link building technique to get backlink.There are so many ways in one way to get backlinks.You can search them over the internet.
    Thanks for great discussion.

    1. when you create good content and add more and more, it is obvious that it will get bookmarks links, so you dont have to worry about backlinks and page rank

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