Tweaks & improvements that can make your website much more appealing Part 1

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I don’t call BlogKori -a blog anymore because it’s a full website around a blog with articles, informations and links to resources. Now here are a few tweaks that have made BlogKori much more appealing and you can use these methods to do it too!

The overall website design

Your website/ blog’s overall design should be as simple as it can be. Simplicity is beautiful and there’s a lot of website templates such as the premium thesis template is simple enough. To make your site look different, you can change a few settings and make it stand out.

Build a site layout for the very basic 1024×768 pixel resolution monitors -this is because a large number of people will see your site on this format.

When choosing a template, make sure it will load faster on different internet connections. Keep the content portion of the site wider and sidebar much thinner -after all, it’s the content which is the king! I made my content area wider as 650 pixels and made the only sidebar at 200 pixels.

Adding too many sidebar objects will force your site to load slower, so use the elements you need.

Website navigation

Keep in mind that your visitors don’t know where you have put all the things on your site. Make sure they have to click on less links to find the thing they want. Make header links and show categories and tags. You can also use links on footer to make sure they find it.

Focus on “Above the fold”

Above the fold means the top portion of your website and the part what you can see without scrolling down. Keeping your header area short is a great way to use your above the fold area. You can see that I have made my header area simple and shows only “BlogKori” text. You can add your banner ads on the top which will bring in more revenues. Adding the RSS option above the fold can result better RSS subscriptions.

The “home” page

The homepage of any website/ blog is the default landing page and your only chance to give a solid impression to your audience. Make sure your homepage describes what your website is about and could be able to capture visitors.

Make your homepage simple and describing. A blog’s default homepage is it’s blog page which is not a good landing page because the content is changing everytime. WordPress users can make a landing page as their default homepage.

“In site” promotion

In site promotion means promoting your own site at your site. A good example of this kind of promotion is linking your older posts within your regular posts. Make a good use of your sidebar and put the 10 best posts on your sidebar; can also use the latest post feature.

Another good practice you can see on my blog that there are few dedicated pages reserved for archived and popular posts. These are good ways of making your visitor stick to your website for longer and they will get to know what they have been missing.

Promoting your social media sites along with your blog is a part of the marketing process as they also send your visitors back to your website.

Have your say!

How do you make your site appealing? How do you make your readers stay longer on your site? Stay updated for the next update on this article!

8 thoughts on “Tweaks & improvements that can make your website much more appealing Part 1”

  1. Hello Tamal,
    What do you really mean by simplicity? Of course, simplicity doesn’t mean graphical! Look at Google’s homepage, it is the best example of simplicity. Design of Blogkori is enough good to make it stand out. But it’s too graphical. Do you know how long it takes to load? You may have forgotten to check it’s loading time. Please check it from your webmaster tool account.
    Please Don’t be hurt by reading this comment, it’s just a review of this blog, comes from my end. I would never say it, but after reading this post I think it is relevant to this post that’s why I said.
    However Have a Happy Blogging ~ Eunus Hosen
    .-= Eunus Hosen´s last blog ..Is Blog Commenting Still works to Build Traffic? =-.

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    Great information you have here. Granted design and layout does pay a key roll in revenues. Although the design still needs to be quick to load. By forcing in alot of graphics and banners. Will slow down the load time. Since many are still using a dial up connection you need to also keep in mind load time for those slower internet connection users.

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  4. I came up with a simple environment in my site’s design and made sure that annoying colors are managed well. I’m thinking that you’ve done a great job with your site. This looks neat and interesting.

    Providing great information and services that satisfies the readers are the things that make them loyal.

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