Traffic is the only way to get endless popularity, success fame and money from the internet. Most of the bloggers are depended on Google and google based services to get traffic for their blogs and everytime yahoo is being ignorred in this rush. But you have to face the fact that yahoo is a great part of the internet and has unlimited opportunities for bloggers and webmasters. Just because yahoo search is giving less traffic to our blogs, we are just ignoring the endless opportunities.

The best thing about yahoo is, you just need a yahoo account([email protected]) to access almost every service. So there is no hassle to create new accounts. Now lets see how you can get tons of traffic with the Yahoo way!

Site explorer

Yahoo site explorer is a service for webmasters and bloggers. You can easily optimize your site and rankings here by using different tools. If your blog is new, you can add your url to the yahoo directory. Click here to go to the page and submit your blog’s address and wait for yahoo to index your page.

Yahoo ranks web pages with the number of incoming links(backlinks) pointing to them. By adding a link counter widget, you can see and show your readers how many backlinks you have. This will also help yahoo to track your blog, pages and will get better ranks. Click here to get the yahoo widget.

My yahoo

My yahoo is actually a RSS feed reader but you can use this service for your own benefit. Sign in to my yahoo and click ‘Add content.’ Click ‘Add RSS feed’ and submit your blog’s RSS feed address. Your blog’s RSS feed and the latest articles will be placed on your my yahoo page.

This is a cool trick which will help yahoo to index your blog faster and off course the more pages indexed, the more chance you will get to show up in the search page.

Social platforms

There are many social platforms of yahoo where you can get traffic, build backlinks for search optimization and make new friends and readers. Here are some of the top rated ones,

Yahoo buzz

Yahoo buzz is the latest addition in the yahoo family. You can add you blog articles in buzz and can get lots of traffic from there. The popularity of an article depends on total Buzz up!(vote) for an articles. You can ask your friends to vote your content.

A large amount of votes will take your article into the front page and give you tons of traffic, there is also a chance to get featured into the yahoo home page -which means more expossure. Every time you submit a new article in buzz means another backlink from yahoo, so everything is a benefit.


My blog log is a blogger’s community and there are lots of blogs and bloggers there. You can add friends, communicate, submit and create your blog’s community page. Friends will join your blog’s community, you can create a cool widget and can track blog traffic statistics. If you become a regular user of the community, you will get lots of expossure for your blog.


Delicious is a mega social bookmarking site. Lots of people use delicious for bookmarking websites and articles. This site works just like yahoo buzz but the exposure level is really big. You can use this site to find new readers and for building backlinks.

Each article gets one more vote everytime it is being added by anoher user. Most of the popular contents on delicious are web design, HTML, tips, and technology based.


Flickr is a photo sharing community. Lots of people share their photos, comment, message and create groups. If you have some interesting photos, share them on flickr and and build a buzz. Make new friends and call them to visit your site.

You can upload your blog images on flickr and this will give you an extra data space online. Flickr images are better indexed in yahoo image search and that’s another way to get better search results from yahoo search.


Yahoo answers is a killer way to get lots of traffic in no time. Its just like a forum, but the system is all about question & answers. People post lots of questions related to everything. Now you have the chance to bring them to your site. Search on the topic you blog or you have such expertise on it. Now look at the questions and answer them.

Now don’t try to put your blog address on every answer! Give good and helpful answers and build a nice profile. Participate in the community actively. When someone will ask a question, which you have written about in a blog post, give the link. Give short and good answers and and provide your url for reffernce. This way you can get lots of backlinks from yahoo and off course, new readers.


Yahoo groups is also a big community of lots of people. You can join and create groups. Share topics, provide answers, links, photos, videos and lots of things. You can join and make new friends. Create a group about a topic or join one which is about the topic you blog and be active on the community. This will just work like the yahoo answers but you will have more options to spread you knowledge and network.

Mail related services,

Yahoo mail

You can use this tip with any email services. Add a signature text on your every outgoing mail and add the links to your blog an the signature. Everytime you will send an email to someone, he will see the link and may visit your blog. I send lots of mails to my friends, readers and others and this way I receive lots of visits from the emails.

Yahoo chat

Yahoo messenger is a free service to chat with people around the world. When there is a person, there is a chance to transform him into your reader. Communicate with lots of people and talk with people with related interests. Send your link to your friends and ask them for a visit. Please don’t be a spammer and don’t spam the community!

What more?

Do you know any other yahoo services which will help us to get more traffic and backlinks? What do you think about the Yahoo way and this article?