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8 Biggest Mistakes That New Bloggers Should Avoid

Blogging is an ongoing learning process. There’s no school or training about blogging and everyone has to learn with mistakes. Some learn by watching and some by doing it. As a blogger, please take a look at the list I created about the biggest blogging mistakes.

You may have done some of the mistakes without even knowing and this may results others to think bad about you. If you have done any of these mistakes, please try to correct it and feel free to share your response with me,

1. No original content

A blog or a website gets popular with original ideas and contents like videos, music, art or articles. Most of the time many bloggers create a blog about downloadable contents but they depend on another source for their materials. People will not like to visit your blog because you don’t have any original content.

On the other hand, lots of people copies content from other blogs and news site. If you want to create a blog on shared content then it’s ok but it’s not worth to build a successful blog. To create original contents, you have to work hard on writing. One of my reader said to me that he doesn’t writes articles because it’s a tough job and that’s why he steals content!

2. Running for Money, Not for Traffic

It’s true that you can make money online. I’ve made money and it’s more than expected. But before you take out something, you have to give something to the community. The main key behind a successful blog is traffic (visitors) if you have the traffic, you can then monetize it, become popular or even sell your own products.

Putting lot’s of ad on your site doesn’t means earning more money. Each ad says, “Click me and go away!” If you produce great quality articles and give value to your readers, then they will see the ads as reasonable, “Ohh this person is doing a great job! He deserves those ad incomes.”

3. Establishing a Sub Domain

Thanks to blogger, wordpress and many others who gave an opportunity to create free blogs. You setup a blog like blogkori.blogspot.com in no time. It’s a better choice to start and learn blogging, but when you get serious about it, you then must buy your own domain. Domains are as low as $10 and in blogger, you don’t have to pay extra hosting money for your blog. You should not put all of your effort to establish a sub domain because you don’t own that domain and you have zero financial values over it.


4. Creating Lot’s of Blogs

Just like putting lots of ads; bloggers think that having many blogs means more income. It’s harder to run even two blogs (I know how it feels) don’t create lots of blog but create one and try to establish it. Build links, write articles and promote it for a year and get the results.

5. Spamming

Blog spam means posting irrelevant comments, writing on forums and everywhere just to build links and getting instant traffic. Please avoid these easy ways of getting links and try some hard ways because it will last longer.

6. Traffic Exchanges

Don’t sign up for traffic exchange, link exchange or banner exchange sites. These are black listed sites and will make your blog banned. Please focus on some real traffic like search optimization and social bookmarking. Traffic exchange sites are worthless because they send non targeted audience (you blog about books and they sent reader who is looking for sports)

7. Trying to Cover Everything

Most of the time new bloggers write about everything. Today you wrote about kites and then computers. Tomorrow you wrote about baseball. By time this blog will become a self centered blog. Creating a niche is important in blogging success. Today you read this article and went away. Tomorrow you’ll come again to read more about blogging, but if I post about gardening, you’ll go away -that’s how it works.

8. Blogging About Something You Don’t Know

I learned this in the first day of my blog life, “Blog about what you like!” but most of the time bloggers want to write about what others want to read. “People are talking about blogging, ok start a blogging blog! ; People love computers, lets start a tech blog!” you should only write about what you know. If you write on a topic, you’ll find your readers.

I see lots of bloggers blog on adsense but don’t even know what adsense is and how to earn. Lot’s of people start blogging with, a blog about blogging -making others follow his experiment too! So please start a blog that you really love to blog about forever and you know it well.

Have your say

I’ve pointed out these things because I’ve done some of these mistakes in my early blog life and have seen some people doing it. I’m not a blogging guru and I don’t know everything, I’m just sharing my experience with you. Please tell me what you think about this topic and your experience in blogging.


How to Build Up a Big Content Rich Blog

Most people ask me how I made a blog from scratch such as BlogKori? What it takes to be a pro blogger and how I managed to write so much interesting content? Now this is a question which doesn’t have a simple answer and I can’t give you the right tip to build your big blog next week! It’s a sort of thing that takes time and effort.

How to build up a big content rich blog?

When I first started this blog, I never thought I would write so many articles for it. I had another blog that I had to focus completely on that. I had 15-20 post ideas for BlogKori and after that I would close the blog. But soon people started to read my new blog and I had to close my first blog and put the spotlight on this blog.

Blogging is Like Digging!

my money making blog!Here I mean by dig, not the social bookmarking site digg. When you start digging a hole, you had a plan what it would be? Some wants to plant a tree, some wants to make a moat and some of them will tell you are building a canal. When you tell your friends that you’re building a channel  and they quickly appears on your place to find out it’s just a 2 feet deep hole in your backyard; it just turns them away!

Most people who desperately wants to make money with it will fill up the 2 feet hole into water and put fishes (ads) and place a board next to it “it’s a money making blog!” They will even create 10’s of holes in their backyard and do the same thing.

When you decide you are going to do this, you should start digging and should do it regularly.. within few months it will become a huge in size.

It Takes Less Effort If You’re Doing It Regularly

Most people spend a whole lot of time into their blogs, writing, promoting and then tracking their visitors.. in the first few weeks of your blog it’s natural but on the upcoming months you should provide a continuous effort to it. If you decide to publish 3 posts a week, then try to stick with that.

It’s so much easy like this math: if you write one post each day, you will be producing an average of 250-300 articles a year. That means on the next year your blog will have 300 posts and they will generate search engine traffic. When a new visitor will land on your blog, they will have enough content to spend his next 2-3 months discovering and reading them. They will also share the content with their friends and more traffic will be generated. On the second year, you will be having another 300 articles and that means double the exposure.

In this time the first set of 300 articles will generate you the most search traffic because they have already developed a good search rankings.

The Journey is Different for Each Blogger

You will be surprised to hear that a lot of bloggers who started blogging after you started blogging, are making a good income and getting tons of traffic! That’s not all, there must be a lot of bloggers who started blogging last month but made a large list of visitors. This is a thing when most bloggers feels they are not doing it right or it’s not going to work.

Some people learn fast and some people gets the right information in the right time. Please don’t get upset if another new blogger is acheiving something before you did. It doesn’t matters what you did in short time, it matters what impact you put in the long term. In the end, the one who survived is the winner. In some niches 200 RSS readers are much more valuable than 10,000 RSS readers in another niche. It depends on how you see your blog and this is the way others will see it too.


50+ Great things about blogging

  1. The very first blog post.
  2. The first comment.
  3. The very first page rank.
  4. The check from adsense.
  5. People are reading my blog!
  6. A new template.
  7. People telling that I’m a pro in my field.
  8. Personal emails.
  9. 100 RSS readers.
  10. I got mentioned in another blog.
  11. The first payment.
  12. Appeared on google search!
  13. A direct advertiser requesting an ad space.
  14. My first guest post.
  15. Someone asking to write a guest post.
  16. A digg effect.
  17. John Chow Dot Com.
  18. Customized the template.
  19. Fixed an issue.
  20. 1 more comment.
  21. A free ad spot.
  22. Someone adding my link on blogroll.
  23. Got accepted for an ad network.
  24. Another 100 posts.
  25. Getting my desired domain name.
  26. My blog’s favicon.
  27. Signed up for twitter.
  28. Created a mobile version for my blog.
  29. ProBlogger.net.
  30. My blog got stumbled by a friend.
  31. Another email subscriber.
  32. Learned a new tutorial.
  33. Making my friend jealous about my blog.
  34. When I give an advice.
  35. Being on a top 10/ top 100 list.
  36. Another technorati fan.
  37. Being the 1’st commentator of a popular blog’s latest post.
  38. Darren Rowse following me on twitter.
  39. Getting an email reply from a high profile blogger.
  40. Getting a link from CNN.
  41. DailyBlogTips.com.
  42. Getting traffic from google.
  43. Another traffic spike!
  44. A great new idea to write.
  45. 1 new friend request.
  46. WordPress.
  47. A ReTweet.
  48. Winning a contest.
  49. Getting good feedback.
  50. Very fast internet.
  51. Blog’s mobile version.
  52. Getting the higher place on google search.
  53. Traffic from yahoo search.
  54. Add yours too…


8 most heard un-written rules of the blogsphere

Blogsphere is the unique world of the internet, the world of personal publishing. No one ever wondered that simple web journals or web logs could grow up into a massive media of people and informations. Now there is no one to set rules and boundaries for the blogsphere, it’s universal and you can write anything. But still there are some un-written rules you can hear a lot in the blogsphere, lets take a look at the 8 most heard un-written rules of the blogsphere,

Content is king -article

Content is the king

The most heard thing ever on the internet. You have to write original articles and this is the one thing that will attract visitors to your blog. Don’t just write original content, write good quality content. Everyone loves to read informative posts and search engines too!

Establish something you own

If you’re serious about blogging, then look at the long term benefits of your creation. A blog’s final profit can be selling the domain or even selling the whole blog. Most of the time new bloggers spend a lot of time, effort and money to establish a sub domain that you don’t own. Your only asset is the domain that you own and the content hosted on your own server. Because if there’s a time when you’re able to sell your blog, you’ll have to own your blog.

Build upon what you have

Try to think the positive things while blogging. Don’t be sad if you have only 50 visitors a day -this is a good thing and most blogger don’t even have that. Try to build something bigger upon what you have already. Don’t feel bad about your blog if it’s a free blogspot blog. I’ve build my blogs upon the very minimum resources I had and the same way you can do it too!

put your eggs in different baskets for blog revenue

Don’t put your eggs in one basket

Your blog is a goose that will lay eggs and then golden eggs. From the very beginning, try to focus on different income streams. Don’t just focus on adsense, try other ways of money making like affiliate earnings, PTC or direct advertising. Also apply for paid review sites such as PayPerPost or Smorty. Your earnings will grow over time when you’ll earn in multiple streams. If one stream falls, other will help you out.

If you build it, they will come

Your blog, site and creations are immortal and nothing dies on the internet. If you wrote something, it’ll be indexed on google and people will keep coming to your blog forever.

be the purple cow

Be the purple cow

Just like Seth Godin said, be the purple cow of your niche and everyone will love to read from you. You have to create outstanding articles with out of the box creativity. Create articles and blog which will make you stand out from thousands of other bloggers.

Provide the value first

Most new comers in blogging try to bring traffic or earn a nice amount of money doing nothing. It’s not possible in the blogsphere because you have to provide a value before you can bring out something.

networking with people

Networking with people works

You can’t succeed online now if you don’t want to connect with people. The internet is driven by people like me and you and the more contacts you have, the more you can succeed. These people around the web are your readers, customers, advertisers and promoters. Network with people around you and you’ll succeed.


Choosing The Right Blogging Platform for Your Blog

It is very frequent to see bloggers face dilemma when it comes to selecting the right blog platform. Should you host your blog on its own domain or on a free blogging platform like WordPress.com? Unfortunately, there is no fix answer for the question as different bloggers require different blogging features. Some blog platforms are much more suited for the hobby bloggers and others to more professional blogging application. Fact is there are both pros and cons for both. With that being said, I am not going to tell you which blog platform you be supposed to use. Instead, I am going to compare both choices and let you make a decision for yourself.

Blogs are a great way to give your employees a voice and an outlet for them to air grievances and issues.  Most executives and human resources professionals find this a very helpful tool, and it definitely doesn’t take a masters degree in organizational leadership to know this

Choosing the right blogging platform for your blog

Free Blogging Platforms

Free blogging platforms are websites that offer free hosting service that comes with blogging tools. Blog hosted on free blogging platforms normally runs on a third level domain name (something like http://www.blogname.blogspot.com). Many bloggers start out with free blogging platform as they are easy and free to use. It requires minimum IT knowledge to publish web content and there are little web maintenance job to be done. WordPress, Blogger, Blogster, and Bravenet are some of the names that offer free blogging platform.

It’s worth noting that not all hosted blogs (blog hosted by others, on a third level domain) are running free. Blogs on TypePad for example, require monthly subscription fees.

Blog on Its Own Hosting and Domain

The other sort of blog platform is the kind of blog that hosted on its own domain/web server and is run on a stand alone blogging platform. WordPress.org (different from WordPress.com), B2Evolution, Greymatter, and TextPattern are some of the big names for such service. These services normally come free along with your hosting package and can be installed easily.

What’s Good About Free Blogging Platforms?

The biggest advantage of a free blogging platform is that it requires zero operationg cost. Blogging platforms like WordPress.com and Blogger.com are totally free of charge. On the other hand, blogs running on its own domain/hosting comes with domain registration and web hosting cost.

Free blogging platforms are often recommended for the hobby bloggers as it requires minimum maintenance. You don’t have to go detail with the hosting as things are all settled by the admin. Database setup, blogging tools installation, server configuration – all these are none of your business when you pick up free blogging platform. All you need to do is select your blog name and start writing.

Another plus point with free blogging platform is that it requires minimum maintenance job. As the blogs are hosted by

How About Blog on Its Own Hosting/Domain?

While blog on its own hosting/domain requires extra time and money; there are several advantages that free blogs can’t offer. Generally, these type of blogs work better when it comes to monetization and advance web designs.

Blog running on its own hosting/domain allows advance web designs and developments as server usage is more flexible. For example access of .htaccess enable website redirects; robots.txt enable search engine bots control, and access of cgi bin allows bloggers to install advance web features on their blogs.

Some free blogging platforms (WordPress.com for example) prohibit their users to monetize their blog. You will not have such problem with blog on its own hosting/domain. Also, a blog with its own hosting/domain is better when it comes to branding and web marketing. A free blog long URL is hard to remember and it gives the image of part-timer. Many advertisers are reluctant to buy ads on a free blog and most webmasters are unwilling to joint venture with free blog owners.

What is The Right Option for You?

Back to our question: which blogging platform should you go with? The answer is in your hand. Are you a hobby blogger? What is the goal of your blog? Do you plan to blog for long term? Do you plan to sell your blog in future? Do you wish to monetize your blog? Do you have extra budget if you wish to host your blog on its own domain? These are the questions to ask before you make up your mind.

Generally, a free blog is best for those who do not wish to spend much time and money; while blog with its own hosting/domain is for those who are more serious about blogging.


Popular & Free Platforms to Start a Blog or Website

Blogging is very popular on the internet today and now people are looking forward to start their own blog. Some do for fun, some do it for business and some are professional bloggers (like me) who want to make a living with his blog. Many people says that, this is the golden era of blogging. As blogging is getting more and more popular, many companies are giving a free platform to design, host and make money with your blog for FREE! Here are some of the free blogging & website platforms I have discovered, [Continue reading…]


How to Start a Blog Using Blogger (BlogSpot)

Blogger is my no 1 choice for beginners. Blogger/ blogspot is a free blogging platform which has many features. Blogger is easy and reliable. In the beginning, it was blogspot and then Google bought it and named it as blogger. Because it is owned and managed by Google, there are many services which can be used from blogger and its reliable. The main features of blogger are,

  • Hosted in Google’s server and there is no limitation of bandwidth
  • There is no limitation of storage
  • You can add adsense easily
  • 1 GB photo storage using Picasa
  • Unlimited video storage using YouTube
  • Easy to understand
  • Blogger allows you to use your own paid domain
  • Its free

I would recommend you to use blogger service and this is the service I’m using to host my blogs. (Till 2008) [Continue reading…]