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Learn these Black hat SEO techniques but don’t apply them with your blog

Search engine optimization(SEO) is the science of getting better search results in search engines. But the crazy part is that, no search engines likes google, yahoo or ask tells anyone the ways they rank web pages, blogs and how they put them together on their search page.

We bloggers who spend day and night with search results and searching thousands of keywords, learn by the way they provide each search results. Now we can give a suggestion that, doing this might give you better places in search engine.

There are many ways to increase your search results. The natural way of building backlinks and other methods are the white hat SEO or the good guy way. And the other way is called the black hat SEO or the bad guy way. Black hat SEO is bad because google doesn’t likes this one and might punish you for doing this.

Here are some black hat SEO techniques to learn from but applying them will lead you to, BANNED FROM GOOGLE!


Spam are the junk files of internet, some informations which are not worthy. If you spam on blogs and forums to build incoming links, this will be a bad way to build links and when google will find you, they will punish you. Signing up for many accounts in any social platform, creating lots of blogs un-naturally is also called spam. Google has your IP address stored and knows what you are doing online so everything you are doing is effecting your overall reputation.

Link farming

If you start a massive campaign of link exchange to build incoming links to your blog, this will determined as a link farm. Linking to lots of off topic blogs will make your blog a linkfarm and google doesn’t likes link farms. Linking with a link farm, like the link exchanging websites is also a black hat SEO trick.

Traffic exchange websites

The sites which allows you to exchange free traffic and visitors and show unwanted pop ups, are the bad neighborhood. Linking or using traffic exchange sites is a bad guy trick.

Link trading

This is a controversial issue. You may want to pay other sites to show your link for traffic or get paid to link other blogs to make money, just as we do to make money with paid contents. Google doesn’t likes this method of paid links that’s why they punish the sites with paid links. In pro blogging, you will have two options to choose from, get paid from paid content or get a good page rank.

Hidden keywords

Your page will never show on the search results for the term, ‘baseball’ if there is nothing written about it on your blog. Black hat SEO experts create a list of all sort of searchable keywords and place them on their blog. Now they will pick the color of text to match the background so that the keywords will be invisible to humans but it will be accessible to search robots and will get ranks. This is a serious trick and it may ban your site completely from the search engine.


To stay out of trouble, black hat SEO’rs create two websites. One is for the dirty trick and one is the main site. First one is filled with hidden keywords, spam and other tricks to get ranked well in search engines. This page is an opening page and linked to the main website. If this site gets banned, they will stay out of trouble and their main site will be safe. Google has advanced technology to find the backdoors so please don’t try this at your site.

Robot texts

Most of the programmers create special robot texts to spam, build links, get ranks and for other things. Using robot texts to getting better search rankings is a black hat SEO trick and you should not use it.

Who got banned?
Everyday thousands of sites are loosing their ranks, places or even the existence in search engines for using black hat SEO tricks. This method may result a boost but have terrible effects on your blog’s ranks.

JohnChow.com is a big blog and have 25,000 daily RSS readers. John chow had google page rank 6 few years ago and now he has NO page rank. He is banned from google for using black hat SEO tricks and getting lots of un-natural incoming links. If you search the term, ‘John Chow’ or ‘Make money with john chow’ -you will never see johnchow.com in the google search.

So my suggestion is to stay out of trouble and use legal methods to get traffic and ranks. Traffic and success has to come automatically, not illegally.


Do you want to get banned from Google?

Google is a search engine. With google, we can search lots of websites on the internet. Lots of users use google as their default search engine. Getting higher placements in google and then having bigger Page Ranks is tough but you can easily loose all of the efforts by doing a simple mistake.
The question would come, ‘Do you want Google’s help to get traffic?’ If the answer is yes, then you have to follow some things so google can’t ban you from their search results.

Duplicate content

Google is strict to duplicate contents. If you just copy and paste articles from other website to your blog, google will punish you. If you publish the same article in all of your blogs, all of them will be punished.

If you just copy and paste small amount of contents, then it will not hurt your rankings, but you should avoid to copy and paste bulk amount of articles in your blog.

Delete posts

Each time you create a new article, the page will be indexed in google and will be placed in search results. If you delete that page when it has a big authority in google, people will then go to an error page via google. As a result google have to re-index and sort their search results that’s why they will punish the entire site.

If you edit any articles in your blog, it will not effect on your rankings but you should not delete your older articles.

Link farming

If you exchange links with other sites, it will help your site to get better rankings. But if you put lots of links in your website and all of them are different categories, google will think your blog is a link farm and they will punish your site. Exchange links with quality sites and sites which are in the same niche.

Bad neighborhood

If you give links to bad neighborhood like a site which is not in your niche or if you give a link to a site related to Porn, Adult, Scam, Gambling or Link farms, then google will punish you.

If those sites link to you, it wont negatively effect on your rankings. Linking to a punished site is may also give you a ban from google.


If you spam other sites, blogs and forums with your link to build up incoming links to your site, the chances are that google will find out that this is spam and all of those could work against you. All of the incoming spam links will effect on your ranking and you may get banned from google forever.


How to Add META Tags in Blogger Blogspot Blog

If you search any thing using search engines like google, yahoo or msn, they look at the ‘META‘ data of the webpage to find contents you are looking for. Meta data’s are the part of your website’s HTML code and this way search engines know that what your site is all about.

If you want to target a keyword for your blog, you have to write lots of contents related to that keyword. Like if you want to get better placements in the search engines for the keyword, ‘Computers‘ -then you have to write lots of articles using pc, computer, tech, laptop, desktop keywords.

Most of the time your hardwork may not work and another blog with less quality articles can get the better places. If you use META tags in your blog, there is a big chance to get better rankings in search engines.

About META description & keywords

Each blog has a title and a short description but blogger blogs don’t show the description on google’s search term. If you search for ‘blogkori’ in google, the main pages of my site will not show the actual description. Google will show some random text from my blog to fill up the gap. [Continue reading…]


What is Google Page Rank?

military shoulder rank as compared to google page rankTo help you understand the concept of the google page rank you need to know what are ranks. Ranks are used in military, defense, police and troops all over the world. In such manner the power and authority is divided among all soldiers and officers. Every member of an organization, such as in the army has a special symbol attached to their uniform that identifies their rank.

Superior officers has ranks in their shoulder as stars. My father is a police officer so I know quite a lot about ranks, stars an badges. This is the only visual way to quickly identify a soldier’s seniority.

In military it takes years of service, heroic efforts, track records, some recommendation and maybe some links. Generally a soldier or an officer will advance ranks just 3-4 times in a career. It is very rare for someone to be demoted to an inferior rank, but it is possible.

If we take that concept on the internet there is a rank called the google page rank (Named after Larry Page, co-founder of the website). So the guys at google thought why not setup a system which will rank websites according to how many links they have.

A link or a backlink is like a vote. For an example here I linked to google -if you click on it you will go to their website. This is called a backlink.

Links are the main currency in the web world and google gives more importance to those sites that have more quality backlinks pointing to them. The more backlinks you have, the better chances you will get to achieve page rank. But over the years the page rank technology has been changed heavily. Now page rank is calculated with the number quality backlinks pointing at your website.

Here is a picture which will help you to understand the basic concept of the page rank technology.

what is google page rank in picture

On the picture, imagine that, all of the colored balls are websites. The big yellow ball is Google. All of the sites are linking to google that’s why it has become bigger and have higher page rank. The green smaller balls are new sites and have no links pointing to them, so they have no page rank. The big yellow ball is pointing to the red ball which has no other backlinks but still it has achieved a bigger status just because a far bigger website has linked to it. This is just a basic image of page rank, and the actual image may blow up your mind.

To check the page rank of your website visit this page. Now you can see the page rank of your website. If your site is new you may have a N/A over there.

google page rank check

Blogs or websites don’t get page ranks, only the web address(www.yoursite.com) gets page rank. Its not that difficult to get a page rank. When I started my first blog few years ago it took only 3 months to get Page Rank 3 from 0. When I transformed the address to my own domain, it started all over again with No page rank.

There are 12 status of google page ranks, it starts from No Page Rank, then page rank 0 to page rank 10. The higher is better. The more ‘quality’ links you have the better rankings you will get.

Page Rank is Not That Important

Please remember that, having a big page rank doesn’t means that this site is better. People can pay money to buy links and get a higher page rank. In blogging, first you should focus on your articles and the quality of your blog and the ranks will come automatically.

Over the last couple of years the toolbar page rank has been changed a lot and right now it is no longer an important aspect in SEO. At the moment getting a page rank of 4 is way much harder than it was 5 years ago. This is only because google does not values every backlink that your page has. Some new changes of the google algorithm gives your site negative values for gaining links aggressively or spammy ways.

Page rank may not be important now days but it is still one of the 200 search ranking factors of google. Also it is still a good pricing factor for websites. In auction sites such as Sedo.com, a websites with a high page rank will sell for higher prices.

How Do I Get More Page Rank?

You will still want to get a good page rank because it’s one of those shiny things that will make you feel special. One thing is sure, the page rank does not works like 1,2,3,4.. instead it works like xx2 x3 x4 and so on. This means if it took 1 link to get to page rank of 1. It will take 10 links to get to PR2 and then it will take 100 to get to the next level -you get the idea.

Don’t be upset, there is a way around for this too! You can get a link from a page that has a high page rank. So you will get some link juice to your website. Get one more link from another high value page and you will get some more link juice.

So the equation is simple, in order to get more page rank, you need to obtain more links. You can go for large number of small value links or few number of high value links -the choice is yours.

So start building some incoming links to your website and after a few months on the next page rank update you will see some positive changes to your website page rank.