Stumble Upon for targeted traffic – Part 3 – Some odd Stumbles that got extremely popular

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Stumble upon is a community where the content will get the exposure according to the quality of the stumble. The article will also have to be a quality article so that other people will vote for that too. I experienced some odd things which helped me to get Stumble exposure surprisingly. Here are some of the examples from my blog,

1. For the quality

Article: Micro blogging for fun, for traffic

This article I submitted to the community but didn’t thought it might get a huge response. I wrote this article about micro blogging(twitter) one afternoon. I Stumbled it after publishing and it started receiving thumbs up. In the next 2 hours, the single article got around 800 visitors. I think this is because of the quality of that article and this is why it got some quality stumbles.

2. For the authority

Article: 7 Ways on how to get more comments on your blog post

I wrote this article and stumbled myself. This was not a great one, only few tips about getting comments. But within the hour it got many stumbles from other users. This article got popular and I decided to publish another article by explaining those tips further; here is the 2nd article. I believe the reason for getting the buzz because of my power stumble.(3) For my reader

Article: Earn in British pounds from your blog

This is a money making article. Just a simple article about a money making website, which allows you to earn in British pounds by selling ad space. Few weeks ago I saw this article is having a burst in traffic, around 500 visitors alone. I checked the source and found one of my friend have stumbled this article. This is one thing you would love; when your readers start to promote your content.

4. Double exposure

Article: How to make a person follow your blog forever?

This was one good article from my blog. It was getting usual response from stumble upon and then it happened. One of my friends stumbled the article after submitting a comment. He accidentally stumbled the comment page(that also goes to the same page) and then two pages of one article were submitted into SU’s database. The extra page got also thumbed up by 7+ users and got extra 600 visitors. This is something that doesn’t happens everyday.

These were some odd stumbles that got popular from my blog, please leave a comment if you want to know something about this topic. Do you think any odd promotion could happen with this article too? lets find it out…

[… Above articles got popular in the Stumble community when this blog was on other platform; As I changed the platform, all of the parmalinks were replaced and backlinks from SU was gone. You can help me by promoting any article you like from my blog with a stumble or any other ways you want and let me build an authority again …]

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  1. @Hamdani Amin: it works like magic but had to create and submit the best post and choose the right time to mail everyone about it.

  2. Tamal,
    It seems to me that setting up your custom image at the top right of the pages makes browsing slower. Isn’t it?

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