Blogger is my no 1 choice for beginners. Blogger/ blogspot is a free blogging platform which has many features. Blogger is easy and reliable. In the beginning, it was blogspot and then Google bought it and named it as blogger. Because it is owned and managed by Google, there are many services which can be used from blogger and its reliable. The main features of blogger are,

  • Hosted in Google’s server and there is no limitation of bandwidth
  • There is no limitation of storage
  • You can add adsense easily
  • 1 GB photo storage using Picasa
  • Unlimited video storage using YouTube
  • Easy to understand
  • Blogger allows you to use your own paid domain
  • Its free

I would recommend you to use blogger service and this is the service I’m using to host my blogs. (Till 2008)

Just go to and click “Create your blog now.” You will be sent to a page to create a Google account. If you already have a Gmail account, you can click “Sign in.” To create a new google account, insert your existing email address like [email protected] Then set a password and click “Continue.” Your email address will be your new google account.
Now on the blog creation page, fill out the name of your page and the address you want to set as the blog url. Your blog address will be, so use a nice address which is short and easily memorable. Then continue to next page and there you can select a template for your blog.

Your blogger “Dashboard” is the place where you can manage your blogs, posts, comments and settings. You can click on “New post” to create a new blog entry. Can click “Posts” to manage and edit your posts and click “Settings” to change a setting.
Once you have created some articles, you can change, delete or edit your articles whenever you want. Just click “Posts” on the Dashboard and you can see all of the articles on that blog.

I hope you will explore and learn even more when you go through the process. I will write more on this and if you have any problems, you can ask me via comments.

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