Working online as a freelance provider is way cool than working at a day job and I love it. In freelancing, you get to choose what things you want to do, how much you want to get paid and when do you take a break. This is a cool way to make money online. So few days ago elance emailed me to try out their affiliate program.

Now I heard about Elance and I guess it’s another outsourcing marketplace like odesk.. Now I don’t want to try out another one because it’s extremely hard to get started anywhere. But still I went to Elance and created a new account to give it a try.

There are so many opportunities to have comparing to my favorite odesk and there are more money can be made. The main limitation of Elance is that they allow a number of points/ credits each week that allows you to apply on jobs. For each job you have to spend credits to apply. The free account offers low credits but you can have premium memberships. But what if you get rejected for a job? you won’t get your credit refund.

Another thing that I don’t like, that the more detailed subscription you will get, the more categories you can select as a provider. Which means the people looking for another category won’t find you because you are not subscribed to that.

Payoneer MasterCard is still my favorite payment method and elance has that too! But to obtain a card you have to get a monthly membership worth $10/month. That means only to being able to have a card, you have to pay $10/mo charge.

There are so many opportunities out there at elance and just because most people are paying for the service, buyers are more serious about the job. An average job at elance goes from $500-$1000 -and that’s sweet!

Many of my clients also asked me if I’m at elance? So that means I’m missing out plenty of green grass! What I personally prefer is if you provide a better quality service, you will get work, doesn’t matters you are at odesk, elance or any other place. So pack your bags if you are serious, go and get on elance if you are willing to start a freelancing career, can also try my favorite site odesk too!