How to Get Referrals with Video Testimonials for Starting Your Career

How to Get Referrals with Quality Video Testimonials for Starting Your CareerLet me share my secret on how to get referrals (word of mouth clients) in freelance or any business you are in. Quality video testimonials will help you grow in your freelance career or any field you are operating. In this article I will write about how you can EARN quality video testimonials from your clients. This will help you when you are starting your career and teach you on how to get referrals.

I started back in 2009 in odesk and that website has a rating system. A scale from 1-5 stars, that gives a hint about the quality of a freelance worker. The more the stars is obviously better. As a part of the star rating system in odesk clients can write a short testimonial about the contractor (me)

This testimonial/feedback will help new clients to learn about the contractor and get you more referrals. As the feedback system had a positive impact because right now my rating is 4.97 stars (close enough) –it can also ruin your chances for getting work if you are receiving negative feedback.

Here are few tips I want to share for you to get better feedback and how to get referrals. This helped me boost my career as I was getting more and more business through word of mouth. Here take a look at the tips on how to get referrals in business.

Quality – Quality – Quality

This is How To Get Referrals in the First Place

Yes you hear it right. If you provide outstanding results, you will genuinely receive quality feedback. This is my only suggestion for how to get referrals. In my freelance work I [Continue reading…]


Niche Site Challenge 2 – Niche Selection for my Mini Authority Website

Niche site buildingNiche is a market you want to get into. When I started a blog, I had many options to choose and even blogging niche is so broad I could write on many different topics. But when building a mini site I am bound to just one topic because at most I will be writing 20 pages for this website.

A popular belief is to go for the niches that are popular or what we assume sell well. If I just name niche building and affiliate marketing, then the first thing that comes in my mind is the health market or even the weight loss market. Yet so many people dive into the pool and as a result there is so much competition. But in reality, most people I assume don’t know why they are here. That’s why 97% people fail in internet marketing. So that means only 3% of the websites/marketers out there in the weight lose industry that makes the most money.

My Niche Selection Disaster

When I first started niche site building, I went for a random market that I had no idea about. The market was pinball machines. These machines are huge and sell at $4000 price tag and only a few companies online sell them and have affiliate option. Such things are collectible items and about 30 years old. These pieces are grand fathers of arcade games. So I was hoping for a $200 commission per sale. As I had no idea about the product I went out and purchased a few quality reviews. I also spent money for building links. As months passed by I didn’t saw any sale. When I added a few pinball books and mini toys on the site that range $15-40, these sold a couple of times.

So the lesson is learned, offer a product that has a good entry level pricing people can afford. [Continue reading…]


Niche Website Challenge – Road to Passive Income

internet marketingHey everyone its Tamal. How are you? It’s been long time I haven’t been able to update you on what I am doing, so I owe you on this. In recent years I went into many different things and most of them involved me to work with web design clients and also working on personal projects.

Now I want to give you a quick update on what I been up to lately. Recently I have been partnered up with an USA based SEO company. I am building an online music promotion business called: Celebrity SEO. Lastly I am looking for building affiliate niche websites. Now the question is why niche websites? I want to build niche websites, mini authority websites so that these will make passive income on auto pilot.

Why Passive Income?

The reason is simple, I want to make money while I sleep or go on a vacation. In the last couple of years I made a good deal of money being a freelancer. But I soon realized that my income is tied with my ability to work. This is why for a long time I am trying to build passive income systems using internet marketing.

My Failures

On the internet we get to see so many people share their success stories but there is hardly any people share their story of failure. I am pursuing niche websites for 2 years for now and failed many times. One thing is sure, building niche websites require a good deal of cash flow and you will end up paying more money and hardly make anything. As a reason last year I had to face many ups and downs in my online work due to the trial and errors. I will write in another post about my past failures. [Continue reading…]


How to Offer an Ebook Download Using Feedburner

As you have learned in my last few posts how to create a PDF ebook from a word doc and then where to host your ebook for instant download. Now in this post I would like to share how you can offer your ebook through feedburner.

feedburnerFeedburner is a free blog RSS service and it is a must when it comes to setting up your blog. Feedburner has a free email delivery service and people can sign up for your blog posts through email. We can use this as a method to deliver your ebook and for your ebook you can get more blog subscribers.

So here is what you have to do. Go to feedburner and sign in to your feeds. If you don’t have feedburner, then use this guide on feedburner to set it up. Now go to your blog feed.

You will see a publicize tab on top:

offer ebook in feedburner publicize tab

Then choose email subscriptions from the left (you may need to activate this service): [Continue reading…]


Timeless Link Building Strategy – Building Link & Backlinking Guide

Timeless Link Building Strategy – Building Link & Backlinking GuideFor the last few years I am doing a whole lot of SEO & backlinking stuff. Frankly speaking I had no idea about any particular link building strategy. When I first started my blog, I was building link here and there randomly. I kept writing articles and that’s all I did. I am still learning and as I make my way up I will be sharing more on what I have learned. In this article I will write about the timeless link building strategy that will work everytime. In a nutshell SEO boils down to just 3 parts:

  1. Keyword research
  2. On page website optimization
  3. Link building

The last part is the biggest and the most exciting of them all, also the most frustrating one. For a long time I suck in all of the 3 above mentioned things, that’s why I couldn’t see any success in my rankings. I didn’t know what I was doing. I would launch a new site; backlinking randomly here and there and hoping to see a magic in life.

But magic doesn’t happen in reality. That’s why it sucked! So back to the reality I then lost interest to my site and move on to another one and still getting the same ending. As a result I had 20s of websites that were a pain in my ass and I have no idea what I should be doing with them.

Sounds familiar? [Continue reading…]


How to Host Your Ebook as an Online Download

You have an ebook that you want to offer as a download. Now in this post I will write about how you can host your ebook online and offer it as a download. If you want to know how I have created my word document in a PDF ebook, then make sure to check that post out.

Okay so we want to host this ebook you created online. There are many options to host your ebook online. The end goal here is that we want to make this available on demand. The very basic way to host a PDF ebook is to host it on your own server. [Continue reading…]


How to Create A PDF Ebook Using Google Docs

create a PDF onlineOn this post I will write about how you can create ebooks to offer in your blog as downloads in PDF version. PDF files are very popular and it can be opened in mobile phones, smart phones, iphones and ipads as well as computers. In google chrome PDF can be opened and read right on the browser.

If you want to get more traffic from your blog and make money then you can offer free PDF downloads as a part of your content. Most internet marketers use downloadable ebooks as a hook to get email addresses. Such as I am doing with my blog, I am offering this ebook in my sidebar so people can submit their info and get the book. You may offer your blog articles as PDF downloads so people can read it offline and can print it. You can also sell ebooks and make money. There are endless opportunities with ebooks but first let us learn how to create a PDF ebook using google docs.

Which Program to Use for Writing an Ebook?

To write an ebook, open your word application such as Microsoft word or any other word processor you may have. You can also use open office to create your ebook. You can put your older blog posts and make up an ebook or you can write one from scratch. [Continue reading…]


How to Make Money for Stay at Home Moms

So many moms email me that they are busy with their household work or with their kids they cannot take a day job, so is there any good ways to how to make money for stay at home moms? I thought about it lot and figured out staying at home and working online is actually the best combination you can have for a successful web business.

How to Make Money for Stay at Home Moms

So here you go the highly anticipated guide on how to make money for mommies:

Moms Can Make Money as a Freelancer

There is a huge advantage of working as a freelancer, mostly because you can stay at home and can set your own working hours. You don’t have to give a full 8 hour shift every day. Just give it a few hours here, few hours there and you are cool. Maybe you have to take a break and attend your kids; your work will be inside your computer and no boss to shout at you. There are many freelance market places that you can take advantage of. Such website that I recommend is odesk. Lots of stay at home mammas like you work there and get weekly payments through paypal, direct bank deposit, wire transfer and many more.

Moms Can Make Money as a FreelancerOne benefit for working as a freelancer is that you will be able to get in communication with a real person as your employer. You may have to talk with him/her on the skype, phone, through email and instant messages that will never make you feel bored.

But what you can do on a freelance marketplace, anything and everything that has a genuine demand. You can work as a technical staff, system administrator, web designer (like I do) graphic designer, consultant etc. You choose what you do, when you do, how much you get paid and whom you should work with. There are other freelance websites to try. If odesk seems very crowded then you may also try Elance. If you love working with others and setting your own work hours, then freelancing is the way to make a lot of money for mothers.

Setup a Product Review Website to Make Money Online

This path is a bit time consuming but when you start to see the money coming, it will generate by itself on auto pilot.

Setup a Product Review Website to Make Money Online

What you have to do is to find a product that you love and then find an affiliate program related to it. The best products that sell well are the ones that you personally like to use. Take a look at your dressing table or even your bathroom, I bet you will find at least 10 beauty care products at any given time. These women related products sell well and there are plenty of ladies out there who must be looking for an honest review before they can buy.

Setup a website dedicated to a single product. If the setting up of a website seems too much technical for you, then feel free to download my free guide on setting up a website (it should be on the sidebar on the top right area) Write some honest reviews about the products you are selling. You can also write some tips which will be helpful for everyone. You may also give them tip on where to buy and how to save money. Write at least 10 posts and over time you will see some targeted buyers hitting your site.

Now find an affiliate network that sells these products. Try searching on amazon. Amazon has a good affiliate system in which you can register and sell these products for a 4% commission. The beauty of this system is that you can setup this site, promote it and forget it when it is starting to attract leads. Then you can setup even more websites on other products. This is method that moms can make money from the internet.

Mommies Can Write a Blog and Sell Paid Reviews

Writing a blog takes more time than any other things. So many people will say that you can start a blog today and start to make money from the next day but it is not. In real it takes a lot of time to build a blog, build the hungry audience and the reputation so that you can monetize it. You may start a blog for your own sake. Think about the things that inspire or motivate you. Think about the things that you love or always wanted to do. Such things can be playing violin, writing poetry or making delicious dishes. Think about how you can help other people with your knowledge.

Take an example on a hair dressing blog. This blog will teach people how they can color or cut their hair on their own; or how to make new styles or how to care your hair etc. Think about a topic that will let you write forever. You will never run out of topic. It takes time to build momentum and once you have it you can offer paid advertisements. There is a site called Social Spark. It lets you choose different products and services and write them about on your blog. In return you make money for every paid review.

Moms, Sell an Ebook to Make Money Online

This is one of the classic ways to make money and one method that works till this date. You write an ebook and sell it. Remember I told about writing a blog. Instead of making your content public, restrict it to only the people who purchase it. It can be a how to guide, secret information or even a romance novel. Ebooks are easy to publish and you can publish one from your computer. It’s that simple. I will write an in depth article on how you can easily create an ebook.

Pregnant Mom, Sell an Ebook to Make Money Online

Then when you have your ebook, sell it on your website. You can setup a payment processor like PayPal or ClickBank to accept credit cards. There are many other online market places you can sell; one site I can point you to is It takes a small registration charge and then you can sell your book for the rate you choose. It will take an initial effort to sell your first few copies, but once you are done, it will start rolling. That’s a surefire way for work at home moms to make money online.

So that was 4 Great Ways on How to Make Money for Stay at Home Moms. Moms, do let me know how this article was. Everyone else, do leave a comment on this post what you think of the methods I outlined. Do mention this post on twitter, facebook, digg and others if you find this helpful.


How to Add Google Authorship to Your WordPress Thesis Website

In this post I would like to share how I have added google authorship/ profile picture/ avatar next to my sites. And this can be done very easily using your wordpress thesis site. Some of you may think your avatar can only be shown next to your blog posts and this feature is available only to blog articles, but it is not you can show up your picture next to any page you have and it’s gives an advantage to your site over your competitors:

google authorship avatar

So let’s begin. [Continue reading…]


10 Tips for Free Publicity to Promote Your Blog

Today James wrote a guest post for BlogKori; James is a tech analyst and staff blogger at an online supplier of franking machine ink cartridges to UK-based businesses. Follow his latest posts on their blog.

There are blogs about nearly every subject imaginable, but a good portion of these never go beyond being seen by just a few. Your blog needs to have more authority, but it needs more readers. Here are ten free ways to promote your blog and receive more traffic.

1. Take a Look at Social Media Outlets

Myspace, Facebook and Twitter all have people who might want to read what you’re writing about. Look around the other social media sites to see if there is something you can use. The more people who have a chance to see your work, the more quality readers you will receive.

2. Create Linkbait

Linkbait is best defined as articles or controversial pieces that people want to read and share. List articles and heavily charged pieces are great to use for linkbait. If your format is easily digestible, it could qualify for being link bait.

[Continue reading…]