Website/Blog Launch Checklist (Printable Worksheet)

launch-checklistSo lately I have been busy and excited with the launch of BlogKori Academy. If you don’t know yet, it is a video training platform that is set to launch this January 2013, read about it here.

So over the past few years I have launched mine + other client sites and the website launch process has almost become like a routine. So today I have created a special report which you can download and print; you can use this checklist to effectively launch your next website.

Download it here (Right click and save target as)

Now when you have this checklist make sure you don’t stress yourself up so tight. Just relax and go with the flow and everything will be fine.

Thank you!

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Save Time by Keeping Your WordPress Blog Spam Free

spam comments in wordpressSelf hosted wordpress blogs are the easy targets for spammers dropping link bombs and spam comments. Now if you are blogging for a while with wordpress you will know what I am talking about.

A SPAM is like a junk mail that has no value. Mainly people spam forums and blog comments to get a link back (free publicity) to their site of interest.

Sometimes people hire low quality link builders and they drop irrelevant comments. Now we expect that the internet should be a clean place but it is not. Without knowing how to deal and prevent spam comments you will be making your blog look bad in the eyes of your readers.

Here is an example of a spam comment,

Example SPAM Comment

Mainly spam comments/discussions are,

  • Irrelevant, not related with your topic
  • Don’t know the author/blog/article topic
  • Overly thankful/generic (Nice post!)
  • Don’t have a custom avatar
  • Has links/keyword in their name
  • Repetitive/drops lots of comments within short period of time
  • Related to Viagra/Insurance/Credit Cards/Loans/Casino
  • And the list goes on…

Now if you do not take a stand, you will be losing your credibility. And most of all spam comments will give you a hard time trying to get rid of them.

Here I will outline the tips that will save you time dealing with comment spam, [Continue reading…]


Upgrade to Your Professional Domain, Web Host & WordPress Blog For Less

Upgrade to Your Professional Domain, Web Host & WordPress Blog For LessBuilding an internet based business has never been this easy. You can build your own online business within hours and you don’t even have to spend thousands of dollars. This is the right time for you to upgrade. And you can do the transition for a fraction of cost!

I know you too want to move up, but few things keeping you down. For some it is the high cost of a domain/web hosting and for some the technical aspect is just too much confusing. But in this post I will guide you to the cheapest and the easiest way where you can start building your online empire.

No more blogging in a sub domain like –time to move on to a professional domain like Get the power and reliability of a web host, a wordpress self hosted account and a professional email, like: [email protected] [Continue reading…]

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How to Speed Up Your Blog & Make It Load Faster

make your blog load fasterHey wake up! It’s the new interweb. If you really really want to stand out then you have to be quick. Trust me, people don’t want to be waited. They have hundreds of other websites they can switch to, so why they want to stick to your blog?

Speed matters! Over the years internet speed has been increased but sad enough the attention span of an average user has been decreased. So how will you make sure you will capture that first time visitor? You have to optimize your website so that it will load faster.

Now why do I need to speed up my blog?

#1 Not all of your blog visitors have a fast internet connection. Some people are even using a shared wifi connection.

#2 People are using the net on a cell phone or a tablet and they don’t have much time or data to use. Some people are even browsing from a small laptop that just doesn’t take the load.

#3 People just don’t want to wait when it comes to a new website or blog. They have tens of other options available on the internet at any given moment.

So let’s see how you can speed up your blog/website the right way, [Continue reading…]


Top Blog Directories to List Your Blog for Free Traffic

top blog directories to submit your blogPeople need to know that you have a blog and they should be able to find you. In the early days of blogging where your blog is like a desert, no one is really visiting your site, you need to submit your site to top directories.

Now I went high and low on this matter, I spent time on over hundreds of different blog directories. Finally I have come up with just a handful of sites that you really should have your blogs listed in them.

So please do your best in having your blogs listed in these following reputable blog directories, this will help you get the word out quickly. [Continue reading…]


7 Blog SEO Tips to Gain Bulletproof Search Rankings

blog seo guideGetting traffic for a new blog is hard. How will you make sure that you will get regular visitors who are interested in your articles?

Some people say social media but the process is painful. From my own experience, social media traffic is less targeted and comes to your blog only when you give it a shake.

To solve this problem and to get regular flow of traffic we need to do SEO for our blog.

S.E.O. is Search Engine Optimization, a special type of marketing done to gain organic visitors.

In this guide I will tell you about SEO and how to optimize your blog/website so that you can gain interested people to come and read your blog, for FREE! [Continue reading…]


The Benefits of Working From Home [Infographic]

So I just wanted to share this interesting and timely infographic shared on the odesk blog. Working from home has it’s awesome advantages and I am fully satisfied with the idea.


I can work from home and or anywhere I go. I am mobile.

Comparing to the old fashioned maintain an office lifestyle, this is much more better and guarantees a stress free lifestyle.

So here’s the awesome infographic for you,

[Continue reading…]


Web Hosting Mega Discount 40% off by HostGator on 10th Anniversary [Ended]

If you are in online business then a web hosting account is vital for online success. Web hosting is some space on the web where your website or blog will be hosted.

I am using hostgator for 4 years now and I have to say I am 200% satisfied from them. I have also recommended them to over dozen of my friends. And the experience of my friends with hostg was simply remarkable.

My friends now say, “Hey Tamal, why didn’t you tell me before?

So today HostGator is 10 years old and they sent me a special deal for my readers. You can have flat 40% discount on your first invoice + $5 domain registrations when you sign up using my link. [Continue reading…]

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How to Track & Measure Your Blog Visitors – Clicky Review

measuring blog trafficDo you know how many people visit your blog? Do you have any idea from where they are coming, what they do and where they go?

If you don’t then you are doing a vital blogging mistake!

You need a way, a software to measure your blog visitors. You need to track it so you will know how you are doing with your blog.

And yes those fancy looking hit counters are not professional solutions when determining the success of your blog.

hit counters are lame

So, why you need to track your blog statistics?

Simply because you want to know whether your efforts in blogging are working or not? This in depth article will help you setup your own traffic analytic software and understand different key elements to track. [Continue reading…]